13 Fabulous Foodies to Follow

I love a good food blog, don’t you? They are not only fun to look at, all those drooling delicious pictures, there are really good must-try recipes!

I recently went to an event with Dole Salads and met a few fabulous foodies. I’m head over heels for their amazing blogs. You must follow them too. And to see more about the Dole event, scroll through the twitter feed for pics and links.

Here are 13 fabulous foodies to follow:

  • 1 – This Week for Dinner – Jane and I go way back, hosting SocialLuxe Lounge together. But she also writes a weekly menu blog, helping you plan your week of meals. And be sure to see her new blog Kitchen Tunage all about her playlist of songs to listen to as you cook!

  • 2 – Gimme Some Oven – Ali is the brains behind these quick and easy meals for fresh, simple and delicious. She’s also recently added more “gimme” for film, life, reads, and style. Check her out!

  • 3 – A Farm Girl’s Dabbles – Brenda is the author of these farm-tastic recipes. She shares a mix of recipes, photos, and life on her blog. She “blends traditions of family into the modern foodie world”. How cute are these mini lemon cakes?

  • 4 – Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth – Catherine’s blog started out sharing her personal story of weight loss, eating like a rabbit (she even has a bunny phone case). Her favorite food is kale, so she’s a true bunny at heart!

  • 5 – Damn Delicious – it’s all in the name with Chung-Ah’s food blog. Along with delicious recipes that are quick and easy, she shares restaurant and recipe reviews as well. Go to her!

  • 6 – Farmgirl Gourmet – Heather’s food blog has lots of great recipes, but she also writes about her home and garden. Her mission is to “inspire home cooks to think outside of the box and make real food from local, sustainable and homegrown sources.” Love it!

  • 7 – Foodie Crush – Heidi is the author of Foodie Crush, food blog and online magazine. As she has a “crush” on food, she loves to showcase other amazing foodies as well. I love all the food photography happening over there!

  • 8 – Iowa Girl Eats – Kristen blogs about her food philosophy, of which I’m going to adopt: eat well, run often, travel far! She has fabulous photography, making me want to eat right through her pictures.

  • 9 – Authentic Suburban Gourmet – Lisa has a passion for cooking and culture and it shows on her blog. She shares recipes and tips for food, wine, and entertaining.

  • 10 – The Lemon Bowl – Liz blogs about healthy living, having shared her own personal healthy eating and lifestyle story. It’s healthy meets delicious and it works so well!

  • 11 – Chef in Training – Nikki has been inspired to blog about her experience as a “chef-in-training”. She’s always experimenting with new recipes and has found a passion in food. And it shows, see all her fabulous recipes!

  • 12 – Reluctant Entertainer – Sandy shares her art of hospitality and entertaining on her blog. There are all kinds of tips and tricks for dining and entertaining, making it doable for anyone wanting to host a party!

  • 13 – Handle the Heat – Last but not least is Tessa, handling the heat! She shares all kinds of yummy recipes and food tips. Tessa just published her first book, Cookies & Cream in stores now. Be sure to look for it!

Cookies-+-Cream book

What fabulous foodies are you following? Share the links in the comments!

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