In keeping with our annual family tradition, my girls and I have been spending some time jotting down wishes and plans for the new year. This year, we are recording our ideas on a 2016 printable that we can fill with words and doodles. My girls will hang these in their rooms for inspiration throughout the year, then I can tuck them away in their keepsake boxes at the end of the year.

Make a 2016 New Years Printable

If you want to spend some time making these with your family, start by downloading and printing the 2016 Word Art coloring page. I like to print ours on card stock.

Printable 2016 coloring page

Gather an assortment of colorful pencils, crayons, and/or markers. Sometimes, it helps to brainstorm together to get the ideas flowing. We talk about things like:

  • something new you want to try
  • places you want to go
  • favorite activities to make time for
  • family traditions to start or continue (movie night, game night, parent/child dates, etc.)
  • hobbies to enjoy (new and old)
  • activities we’re looking forward to (birthdays, annual trips, etc.)
  • ways to help around the house or become more independent (cooking dinner for family)
  • special foods you want to eat
  • books you want to read, or a reading challenge for yourself
  • movies, performances, community events to attend
  • exercise goals

Don’t forget to add important things like laughing, snuggling, and taking naps!

Embellish your words with drawings or doodles, inside the numbers or around the border. The little ones in your house can make a 2016 wish page, too – they can draw pictures and dictate their words to you.

2016 printable writing activity for kids

For more New Year’s fun, check out what we made together last year – Wishes for the New Year accordion books.

Happy dreaming and planning!