Kids think this is the best trick in the book… MOM turns into WOW when it’s flipped upside down! Turn these tricky words into a cute card for Mother’s Day. Mom will be Wowed by the surprise!

WOW MOM cards for Mother's Day

Supplies for WOW MOM cards: 

  • cardstock paper
  • craft foam letter stickers – M,O,M
  • brad fasteners
  • floral stickers
  • markers and crayons

MOM WOW Card Supplies for Mother's Day

Card #1: Flip MOM to WOW

Flip Card MOM for WOW for Mother's Day

Place a circle floral sticker to the center of a cut cardstock piece. Write 2 M’s on either side of the flower. Attach a brad fastener to the center of the flower. Then attach the MOM paper to a folded card with the fastener. Give the word MOM a spin upside down and see what you find… WOW!

MOM WOW Flip Card for Mother's Day

Card #2: MOM to WOW with a Surprise Note

MOM Turns into WOW for a fun Mother's Day card

Place craft foam letters for MOM onto a piece of cut cardstock paper. Add a brad fastener to the top of the paper. Attach the fastener to a folded cardstock card. It will flip upside down to reveal WOW and a fun message underneath!

WOW, MOM, We love you - Mother's Day Card

Card #3: MOM Becomes WOW

Mom Wow Card for Mother's Day

Write MOM on the front side of the card. Flip it open to reveal WOW written on the inside!

WOW flip card for MOM on Mother's Day

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