Adorable DIY Chocolate Robots

by Rachel on September 1, 2014

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially when it comes in mini candy size! Mini chocolate candies are all you need to create these super cute DIY chocolate robots from Handmade Charlotte! This would be the best activity for a kids birthday party or just a lazy afternoon with your kiddos. Not to mention the yummy snacking while crafting!

How to Make Chocolate Candy Robots

Here are more candy crafts for you to try:


Give Teacher a High-Five for a Great Year!

by Marie August 29, 2014
High Five to a Great Year Card

Let’s start the year off great by giving your child’s teacher a “high-five”! This is a fun craft to make together by stamping your child’s hand on paper, creating a “high-five” card for a great year! Stamp your child’s painted hand to paper and let it dry. Then your child can decorate the paper, folding it […]

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4 Tips for After School Family Fun

by Marie August 28, 2014
After School Supplies

With my kids back in school this month, it’s time to start thinking about our routine for after school… homework, snacks, and also a little down time. For today’s post sharing after school tips, I’m happy to be partnering once again with VolunteerSpot, the place to go to save you time and stress organizing your volunteer calendars and events. I […]

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cereal Treats

by Nina August 27, 2014

Can you believe that the summer has come to a close and that the new school year is arriving? Maybe where you live school has already started, but where I live in New York, there’s about a week left to go until schools are officially in session.  I remember when I was little (and not […]

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Update a Vintage Purse With Embroidery Thread

by Francine August 26, 2014
Update a Vintage Purse by Francine Clouden for Make and Takes-11

I love thrifting, and I love nothing more than bring home a slightly shabby treasure and giving it a face lift! My latest find was a somewhat dingy white leather purse, that I added some summer colors to. Supplies for Embroidery Thread Purse: Vintage purse Embroidery thread in 1 to 3 colors Flower embellishment Embroidery […]

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15 Back to School Crafts for Kids

by Marie August 25, 2014
Crafting Back to School Projects with Kids

It’s that time of year… Back to School! I’m sure you’re out and about shopping for supplies and maybe a new shoes for the kiddos! But how about getting creative and crafting up a few back to school projects to celebrate the new school year?! Here are 15 Back to School Crafts for Kids. Let’s get […]

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Washi Tape Pencil Holders

by Marie August 22, 2014
Washi Tape Pencil Holders @makeandtakes

Ready for more washi tape fun? I told you… I can’t get enough! Washi tape is such a great way to cover up recycled items, whether it’s cereal box cardboard for backpack tags or todays craft, washi tape pencil holders! With back to school, these pencil holders make the perfect teacher gift to give your […]

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Back to School Washi Tape Backpack Tags

by Marie August 21, 2014
Washi Tape Cereal Box Backpack Tags

I’m all about the simple and easy when it comes to crafting with kids. That’s one reason washi tape is one of my new favorite kid crafting supplies. It’s easy to use and there’s no mess, just what a busy parent wants! So it was great to craft with washi tape when making these back […]

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No-Bake French Silk Pie…YUM!

by Rachel August 20, 2014
no bake french silk pie cup of jo no bake dessert

I don’t know about you guys, but I live in the desert and it is HOT these days. Temperatures above 105 almost every day! I love to bake, but turning on my oven sounds like a sweaty nightmare right now. When I saw this no-bake french silk pie recipe on A Cup of Jo, I knew […]

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Colorful Painted Craft Sticks

by Amy August 18, 2014

Sometimes, it’s fun to paint or draw on something other than paper. A jumbo craft stick is the perfect canvas for creating a mini-masterpiece. We tried two different painting materials on our craft sticks – watercolors and acrylic craft paints. I asked my girls which type of paint was their favorite for craft stick painting, […]

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Apple Stamped Cards for Back to School

by Marie August 15, 2014
Apple Stamping Cards for Teacher

Apples just seem to shout… “Back to School”!! So we’re sharing a take on the apple by making art with an apple stamp. Find all those bad and bruised apples and slice them in half to make these apple stamped cards! You could make a whole set of cards to gift to teacher. They will love […]

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Jazzing up Roasted Asparagus, YUM!

by Marie August 13, 2014
Asparagus Bacon and Egg Side Dish

I’m always looking for ways to spice up my veggies for dinner. I love asparagus, but there’s only so many ways to eat it as a plain ol’ side dish. For today’s recipe, I’m adding in a few other yummy ingredients to bring asparagus to whole new level! This recipe can be your main meal or served […]

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Felt Goodie Bag for Teacher

by Marie August 12, 2014
Felt Gift Bags for Teacher

With back to school creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking how we can celebrate the new year! We love to gift our teacher with something for the start of the new year, helping them feel loved and appreciated! Even something super simple, like these Felt Goodie Bags. You can fill these with […]

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Paper Bag Art Work Portfolios

by Amy August 11, 2014

We’ve got a great project to share with you today! Not only are these paper bag art work portfolios fun to make, they are going to help you be organized this school year. With a paper grocery bag and some duct tape, your kids can make personalized project portfolios to store all their school goodies […]

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Make a Dreamcatcher with Baker’s Twine and Yarn

by Francine August 8, 2014
Make a Dreamcatcher by Francine Clouden for Make and Takes-14

I’ve long been fascinated by dreamcatchers, and still have one that I bought in Arizona over 10 years ago. I even made one as an embellishment to use on a scrapbook page! I finally decided to try my hand at making another for my wall this time, using my craft stash. Supplies to Make Dreamcatchers: […]

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Fizzy Fruit Slushies

by Amy August 6, 2014

We’ve been having our fair share of 100º+ days this summer. Phew, it’s hot! We like icy, fruity drinks on a hot day, but I don’t love my kids consuming high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors on a regular basis. So, homemade fruit slushies it is! With just a few ingredients and a whirl in […]

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DIY Clipboards with Chalkboard and Dry Erase Tape

by Marie August 4, 2014
DIY Clipboard Using Dry Erase Duct Tape

We’re crafting with clipboards for today’s project, jazzing them up with duct tape. I’m happy to be partnering with Scotch® Duct Tape, making super cool coloring clipboards using their new Chalkboard and Dry Erase tape! These clipboards are double-sided for double the fun, helping kids stay creative while drawing and writing with chalk and dry erase markers. You […]

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Cutest Crafty Faux Campfire!

by Rachel August 2, 2014
Camping Craft Campfire

I love camping. I hope when I have kids they love camping as much as my husband and I do. I can’t wait to try out this adorable faux campfire craft with my nieces and nephews! I think all kids would love to make their own campfire for playtime! This is a perfect summer project for […]

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Frozen Syrup Ice Cream Sundaes

by Marie July 31, 2014
Making Frozen Syrup Ice Cream Sundaes

My dad was always one who never had enough topping for his ice cream or cake! So I’ve come up with this idea for him, surrounding our ice cream with syrup on ALL sides! I’ve partnered with Hershey’s Syrup to share a fun and different way to assemble your summer ice cream sundaes, frozen style! Before dinner, ask […]

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Washi Tape Summer Sippin’ Straws

by Marie July 29, 2014
Washi Tape Straw Sippers

Add a little whimsy to your drinks by making these cute washi tape flags for your summer sippin’ straws! These are simple to create and give your drink that little something extra! Each child can choose their own color of tape and straw, making their washi tape straw unique. I’m sharing this super simple craft idea over at, […]

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