Our little family is off on a camping trip this week. We are packed up and ready to go. I am leaving you with some other great blogs to check out whilst I am away on holiday. But don’t leave me forever. I will be back, don’t you worry!

Great Blogs to Check Out

Mayberry Mom: more fun about being a mom. Oh, the stories could just go on and on!

Crafty Daisies: Great place for crafty ideas. This will get you up and to the sewing machine, or to the store to buy one.

One Hour Craft: There projects claim to only take one hour to do. I haven’t attempted any yet, but I hope to when I get back. It will be a challenge.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda: It is exactly as the name says. Fun rantings of life.

Bart and Meems: Meems (Meriel) has this cute happy life with her hubby Bart. They have fun in the sun. This link is to a great project Meems came up with and I am jealous I didn’t think of it first! You Rock.

The Butcher Block: a great blog that answers any and all of your questions about buying the right cut of meat, from Travis the Butcher.