On Monday Night!

Don’t tell my husband this, but I actually like football. After asking tons of questions, I mostly understand it, enough that I enjoy watching it. I know what “pass interference” means and what a “safety” is. I love going to games and having a team to cheer for. Well, I mostly like eating concession food and bundling up in warm cozy clothes.

Also, I’m now in my fourth season of playing Fantasy Football, I know, probably taking it too far. But I’ve actually been having fun playing this game with my family’s league. I even won the whole thing my second year, not a fluke – total skill! My team names have been: MegaStarz, MegaHurtz, MegaPainz, and this year is MegaHitz. For the winner of our Fantasy Football league, I came up with the winners “football trophy”. The winner gets their name on this football and the bragging rights for the year. Gotta love it!

What sports do you watch or have been suckered into loving?