My hope with Make and Takes is to share a few parenting insights from what I’ve learned as a teacher and parent that’s helped me teach and raise my own kids. As I’ll be sharing fun ideas or methods I’ve found helpful, I’d like to open this up to the questions you may have too. And if I’m unable to answer your questions, I’m going to find out who can, bringing in other experts on all kinds of parenting topics. Like questions about teens, I’m clueless! I’ll be asking all of you in a few years… it’s coming all too quickly.

So ask any question related to parenting you’d like, either here in the comments or email me at marie{at}makeandtakes{dot}com. I’ll choose a few questions to answer each month in a blog post. I’m excited for the discussions we can have here, as I’ll need you to share your advice and methods in the comments too!