I used to be funny. No seriously, when I was chunkier, single and a lot more self deprecating – you might have even said I was “a hoot.” (For proof, I dare you to check out this little ditty). But there’s nothing really humorous about a declining planet. And somehow, when I slip into Save-the-Planet-Mode, I […]

I’ve got dirty fingernails. I’m sorry, I know we just met. Is that too much information? But seriously, this time of year my nails seem to be in constant need of some face-time with a manicurist. But I don’t really consider it a problem; it’s more of a blessing. Because this time of year is […]

Sustainable You!

by Sabrena on April 21, 2011

I want to welcome M&T’s newest regular contributor, Sabrena. She’s a long time friend, an amazing writer, and passionate about our world around us. She’s going to be here once a month sharing how she’s trying to live a more sustainable life and offering up a challenge to us all, something small, where we too […]

Are You a Yoga Mama?

by Sabrena on January 23, 2009

If you’re a Yoga Mama or if you want to be one, then this is the post for you. One of my best friends, Sabrena, is my yoga expert and I asked her to guest post today, filling us in on how great yoga can be for you in any shape or form. Sabrena, 9 […]

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