I have two very exciting pieces of news. First, we gave in at the ultrasound and found out what this lovely next baby will be. I just couldn’t stand it and I am glad we found out. It’s a Girl! We are super excited and our other 2 kids are both very excited as well. I loved the comment from Kelly, she said that it is a fun treat to find out after going through morning sickness for weeks. Amen! So, now Jordan and Matt are out numbered. Go Girls!

On to other exciting news! We have a Having Fun with Ernie and Bert giveaway winner. I could not believe how many of you remembered listening to this fun album. Some of you also brought up other fabulous songs that were some of my favorites as a kid too.

The winner is #26 Connie who said, “Go Ernie Go” . I am super happy for you to rock out to this CD with your kids. I hope you have fun with Ernie and Bert. I will be emailing you. Thanks again everyone for commenting. Your response was amazing.