I just got back from the blogging conference Blissdom and am happy to share some of the amazing moments, bloggers, and celebrities I saw!! Here’s me and Allison from Petit Elefant, my conference buddy who I never go without (along with Jyl and Rachael, go Utah!)

It started off with Kevin Carroll, an amazing speaker who gets your creative juices flowing. And all because of a Red Rubber Ball. Amazing. If you have the chance, hear him speak or read his book!

Let’s talk about Harry Connick Jr. He performed Friday night and was adorable, along with his crew. I was literally 3 feet away from his beautiful piano. He was funny, charming, and fabulous! He even gave Flat Tidy Mom a kiss!

The after party was also a hit, dancing the night away. You get me in a room full of girls, music, and no kids, and I’m gonna groove all night. We were doing the grrrr, “brick house”, and the “roger rabbit”! Even a little mosh pit may have been started!

We even went on a RUN! Yes, a few of the runners from Eat. Blog. Run. got up early to run 2 miles together in the cold Nashville air! Christine, Allison, Audrey and me. I loved it. And if it’s anything like what our relay race is going to be together, I can’t wait!

Now let’s talk bloggers, because that is why I love to go to blog conferences. I love to meet and greet in real life with the many women (and men) who’s blogs I love to read. Here’s just a few of who I met, love, and stalk!

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Images via Petit Elefant, Secret Agent Mama, Moosh, Apron Thrift Girl.