I have had blog envy before, and now I have it again. There are just too many great people out there in bloggerspace. Why would I go spend $8 on a movie, when I can sit and read blogs instead!! Just kidding, Honey! No, I love to get out and I love a good movie. But, I love good Blogs too. When I read blogs, then all day I start blogging in my head. I pretend to be writing a post in my head and I think I am just as clever, crafty, or witty as the other blogs I read. Then I go down to write something and this comes out, pure drivel (as my Dad would say).


So I am sending you out to read these blogs that are way more fabulous than mine. I have been lurking around and need to share them with you.

C Jane: C Jane is becoming a favorite. She tells it like it is. She has a rock star life, or maybe it is her rock star attitude!

Cafe Johnsonia: She does it all. There is a blog for recipes, photography, and real life Mommyhood. Love it.

The Jet Set: My favorite is her avatar. It says it all. Where is Cheri Oteri these days?

Marta Writes: She makes me want to get out a real journal and write with a pen. I don’t know if I own a pen? Lately, my keyboard is my pen.

Have fun lurking at these great blogs. What are some other blogs that I am missing? Share them here in a comment.