I’ve got a few fun things to share, if you haven’t noticed with the title of this post. It’s all about the B’s!

Babble: I’m thrilled to be on the writing team at Babble for their new channel The New Home Ec. I’ll be sharing some of the fun finds, crafts, and tutorials from over at Babble each week, giving you loads of Home Ec ideas and projects to be creative.

Now it’s time for Bob Harper! Oh, yes. He is such a cutie pie and I’m still getting a little flush thinking about our moment together.

I met him at the women’s blogging conference, BlogHer. Bob is a spokesperson for Quaker, so they brought him in to speak and take photos and be awesome. I love him, HUGE fan of the show. Are you?

Of course I choked when I met him. I was like a giddy school girl and my tongue was tied. I meant to have a long thoughtful conversation about how amazing I think he is, how motivating and inspirational he is, about how I too am currently in a friendly contest of Biggest Loser and have lost 6 pounds!! Then we would laugh and hug again and he would tell me to keep it up and do my best! I know, I’m one of those geeky fans. But we did take a great picture together, don’t we make a cute couple? Jordan loves him just as much and would probably create an image with hearts around him and Bob too :)

In fact, Jordan and I have been playing a little game of “hide and seek” with the signed photo I received from Bob. We’ve been hiding it in funny places, in the laptop, under pillows. Now my kids caught wind of it and he’s been getting hidden all over the house. It’s a little piece of Bob to keep us all motivated and healthy, right?!