When it’s warm out, but still too cold for water balloons and kiddie pools, what are we going to do? Blow Bubbles. My kids can blow bubbles for hours out on the front steps. I sit back in my chair and watch the circular shapes float and pop in the air. Here are a few of our favorite bubble blowing products.


This Bubble Bucket really doesn’t spill over when it gets tipped and it is very easy for the kids to use. There is a little bit of splatter as they pull out the wand, but no biggie. We also have a smaller bubble bucket that is equally as great, but doesn’t create as big of bubbles.


The Bubble Gun is great, as you don’t get out of breath blowing tons of bubbles. You do have to be careful how you store this gun. It must remain standing up or the bubble solution gets inside the gears and doesn’t work.

Fan Yang creates a fog bubble.

I am trying to perfect my Fog Bubbles to beat Fan Yang as a World Record holder. Bubble magic is so amazing and could easily be my new hobby.