I love when I have the opportunity to meet bloggers IRL (in real life). I feel like I already know them and we’re instant friends. Last week, Vanessa got a group of bloggers together to try out a new restaurant in town. We dined at the new and delicious restaurant, Blue Lemon Bistro. I could not be happier about having a new one-of-a-kind eatery in my area, replacing the ever so dull chain restaurants! The food was fabulous… sweet potato fries, raspberry salad, and the butternut squash soup was slurpalicious!

Here’s the lovely blogging babes I had the chance to dine with (thanks to Kami & Blue Lemon Bistro for the photos!)

Jyl of Mom It Forward
Rachael of Today’s Mama
Emily of Georgie Tees
Kelsey of Vanilla Joy
Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia
Kim of Simply Me
Courtney of Your Heart Out
Vanessa of I Never Grew Up
Carina of The Jet Set
Liz of Say Yes To Hoboken
Stephanie of Stephmodo
Kami of No Biggie
Lindsey of The R House
Allison of Petit Elefant

And if you’re in the Utah County area, hit up the Blue Lemon Bistro for dinner! (Actually, I’m thinking we need to fill the whole place with bloggers next time, maybe sometime in May. Wanna come to a fun blogger meet-up for dinner?)