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A Simple Trick for Embellishing Elastic Bands Into Bracelets

Everyone knows accessories are what make your outfit! Even kiddos need some good go-to accessories. These simple bracelets are colorful and easy to make, and can even work as updated versions of friendship bracelets. Make a few to give to… Continue Reading →

Donuts and Chocolate at the Winter Olympic Medal Ceremony

Yay for the Olympics! It’s been a fun week of Winter Olympic Crafts, and now it’s time to award medals to our winners! We’re awarding tasty medals to the athletes for their efforts in this week’s games! For one event,… Continue Reading →

Who Will Win the Downhill Bobsled Race?

This is our last Winter Olympic Game before the medal’s ceremony. We’re going to see who will win the Downhill Bobsled Race. The objective: to get your “bobsled” down the track first! Supplies for the Downhill Bobsled Race: empty wrapping… Continue Reading →

Dude, We’re Shredding Down the Half Pipe

I love to snowboard. It’s my winter sport of choice (love these Utah mountains)! So today’s Winter Olympic Game is throwing a few tricks on the Half Pipe! Supplies for Snowboarding on the Half Pipe: paper tube – empty paper… Continue Reading →

Winter Olympic Snowball Ring Toss

Today’s Winter Olympic event is the Snowball Ring Toss. We’re trying to get 5 snowballs (or marshmallows) into each of the 5 Olympic rings! It may look like a simple task, but it’s harder than it looks! We had to… Continue Reading →

Miniature Figure Skating with the Stars

As part of our Winter Olympic Games for Kids series, we’ve come up with a fun Miniature Ice Skating Rink. Our pair figure skaters are warming up on the ice as we speak! Supplies for Mini Ice Skating Rink: cardboard… Continue Reading →

Make a Toss for the Olympic Ring Hoop Loop

The first event on our Winter Olympic Games for Kids series is the Olympic Ring Hoop Loop. The objective: to get 5 rings hooped around 1 bottle! Supplies for Olympic Ring Hoop Loop: 5 embroidery hoops (could be any type… Continue Reading →

Lighting our Ice Cream Cone Olympic Torch

The Winter Olympics are here, and as part of this week’s Winter Olympic Games for Kids series, we started things off by lighting our Ice Cream Cone Torches! With sugar cones filled with orange sherbet flames, it’s the perfect treat… Continue Reading →

Weekend Make and Takes: Winter Olympic Crafts for Kids

Let’s the Winter Olympic Games begin! I love the Olympics and am happy to share some sporty crafts, games, and activities to celebrate the games. All week long I’ll be posting an Olympic craft series called: Winter Olympic Games for… Continue Reading →

Matching Clever Kids Letter Bites with Letter Sounds

I’m happy to announce I’m a Snackpicks Mom and have partnered up with Kellogg’s Snackpicks to contribute kid crafty posts all year long! They’ve sent me their newest product to sample, Clever Kids Letter Bites, and today I’m sharing a… Continue Reading →

Mini Ice Cream Sundae Candies

If your kids like miniature stuff as much as I do, uh mine do, they’ll love these mini ice cream sundae candies. They’d be a fun ending to a miniature food meal (make mini hamburgers, serve mini corns, and drinks… Continue Reading →

Tracing the Letters in Your Name

I love this name tracing activity. I still have memories of doing this myself when I was in 4th grade. It’s a great way to reinforce letter recognition, using a capital at the beginning of a name, and tracing lines…. Continue Reading →

My Baby is in LOVE with Babies

Everywhere we go, my baby is saying: “baby” (or “huh huh” as she’s not quite talking!) But she let’s me know where all the babies in the grocery store are with a pointing motion and a smile. Since she’s so… Continue Reading →

A Little Trick for Cutting Symmetrical Hearts

My kids are always asking me to cut out hearts for them, “I just can’t do it” they say! So today I taught them how to cut out a symmetrical heart using this little trick below. Now we’ve got hearts… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Heart Shaped Leis

It’s a heart party with these fun Heart Shaped Leis. This cute Valentine’s kids craft is the perfect thing to make for a classroom party or even for your children to give out as Valentine’s to friends! Add a few fun… Continue Reading →

Cute & Crafty Little Love Birds

Guest Post by Pamela of French Knots Love is in the Air and what better way to send a “love note” than by Love Bird. My boys and I got February off to a good start by making these sweet and easy Love… Continue Reading →

Weekend Make and Takes: Valentine’s Day

If you still need a few ideas for Valentines, whether it’s a treat, craft, or gift, here’s a few ideas I’ve rounded up perfect for your loved ones. A “Colorful” Valentine’s Day Card by The Long Thread (pictured above) Hanging… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Organize and Display Your Child’s Artwork

Guest Post by Heidi of Budget Wise Home When your child’s artwork starts overtaking the refrigerator, it’s time for a better display system. With so much artwork coming in every day, figuring out where to put it all can get… Continue Reading →

Crafting an Indoor Winter Wonderland

I’m sharing a fun Winter Wonderland craft over at From Dates to Diapers. Come see how we made it snow inside!

Toddler Heart Shaped Sewing Card

Need a quick and easy activity to hand to your toddler so you can get a few things done? You probably already have all the supplies you need to make this toddler sewing card project, and it only takes a… Continue Reading →

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