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Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas and Beyond!

-+*We’re getting excited for the 3rd Toy Story movie to hit theaters in June. Toy Story Mania is one of our favorite rides at Disneyland. Have you been on it? It’s addicting, I kept wanting to beat my husband so… Continue Reading →

Race Car Birthday Party Ideas that Go Zoom

-+*Race cars have always been a hit at our house. They seem to be in every toy bucket or bin we have. We have yet to celebrate with a race car birthday, but I’ve come up with a few ideas… Continue Reading →

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

-+*What little girl is not into fairies?! They are so cute and dainty and fly! Here’s my daughter as Tinkerbell when she was almost 3. We call her Tinker, as she’s really cute, but has a fire cracker personality! Here… Continue Reading →

Baby’s First Building Block Birthday Party

-+*Sometimes babies get left out of the big birthdays because they seem too little to party. But they need to have some sort of fun theme to celebrate their first year. So I’m sharing a few ideas for an easy… Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

-+*It’s a Dinosaur Birthday Party! They are big, loud, and stomp around, just like my son did on his birthday a couple years back! Check out a few of the fun things we did to celebrate his birthday Dino style!… Continue Reading →

Dora Birthday Party Ideas

-+*My little one has been on a Dora the Explorer kick for a few weeks now. Everything is about Dora and she’s always wearing some sort of backpack, it’s a-dora-ble! She’s having a Dora birthday party for her 2 year… Continue Reading →

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

-+*If your little one is ready to be crowned a princess for her birthday, we’ve got some fun princess party ideas that will make her feel like the bell of the ball! Invitations: Hear ye, Hear ye! All fair maidens… Continue Reading →

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas…Arrr

-+*Round up your gold and treasures, it’s time for a Pirate Birthday Party! We’ve gathered up a few ideas to help your party goers become the best kind of pirate captains on the stormy seas. Ahoy, Me Hearty! Invitation: Arrr… Continue Reading →

Week of Birthday Party Ideas

-+*I’m putting together a fabulous week of children’s birthday party ideas. Each day this week will have 2 themed party ideas, from princesses and pirates to Dora and dinosaurs! I hope these party posts will help give you the jump… Continue Reading →

Starting a Science Observation Journal

-+*My son is starting to ask all kinds of questions about the world around us. He recently brought home this spikey looking nut from the school playground, asking what it was and wondering what might be inside. So we started… Continue Reading →

Two Fun Ways to Celebrate Graduation Day

-+*If you have a school graduate in your house and are planning to host a fun party to celebrate the past year, here are a few ideas that will help make planning easy. There are ideas for invitations, fun food,… Continue Reading →

Organizing Craft Supplies with Plastic Zip Bags

-+*When I buy crafting supplies they usually come in packages that don’t close back up or are too small for my fingers to use. I often end up with a tub or drawer of beads, pom poms, and googly eyes… Continue Reading →

Helping Kids Stay Hydrated with a Cute Crafty Cup

-+*Guest Post by Allison of How Does She? We are awe struck by all the things amazing women around us do. From balancing a healthy lifestyle, to throwing the perfect party, to implementing creative ideas with family. We always seem… Continue Reading →

Monsterous Stepping Stool for Kids

-+*This monster stepping stool by Indie Tutes has been in my bookmarks for a while now. I’m off to get some fuzzy furry fabric today to create this absolutely creepy stool. My kids are going to love it!

Mother’s Day Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet

-+*I first saw these pipe cleaner flowers done by Kami at No Biggie. She shared how to make them into fun rose rings, but I thought I’d put my own little twist on them for a Mother’s Day Bouquet. You… Continue Reading →

Crayons Shaped into Letters for Teacher Appreciation

-+*Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and here’s a fun idea to give: Crayons Shaped into Letters by Testosterone Times Three. My sister shared this with me while searching online and I think it’s such a darling idea. So easy… Continue Reading →

Fun Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

-+*Mom, Grandma, or even Aunties would love to receive a colorful drawing from a child. Print out these fun coloring pages and add them to your Mother’s Day gift as a cute card!

Animal Umbrellas to Spruce Up the Spring Rain

-+*We’ve had a few April showers this month, even snow, but we’re staying dry with these fun animal umbrellas. This pink umbrella makes the perfect jellyfish, fun for twirling and spinning in the rain. With just a few simple supplies,… Continue Reading →

What We’ve Made for Mom on Mother’s Day

-+*Here are just a few of the things we’ve made for Mom in the past. There are also some fun ideas for the kids to get involved. We love Mom! Handmade Photo Cube ~~~ WOW card for MOM ~~~ Picture… Continue Reading →

Earth Day Recycled Art Challenge – Featuring YOU

-+*Thanks to all the fun submissions for our Recycled Art Challenge. Heather from Dollar Store Crafts and I had fun checking them all out and seeing what amazing creations you all came up with. We’ve picked some of our favorites… Continue Reading →

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