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Fruity Christmas Garland

I am bringing a classic Christmas decoration back, Fruit Loop Christmas Garland. The kids love to make these and surprisingly, their attention stayed until the end. You need a box of Fruit Loop Cereal, yarn – any color, tape, scissors,… Continue Reading →

25 Storybook Surprises to Countdown Christmas

Guest post by Molly of The Pickett’s Place. This is a fun christmas tradition I’ve been sharing with my family. It is cheap and so fun, and the kids love to discover all the books to be found and read… Continue Reading →

Can You Say, “Gobble Gobble”?

These fun little party favors are for each of your Thanksgiving guests. We used to make them when I was little. I loved putting them together before dinner was ready, as I got to eat a few of the M&M’s… Continue Reading →

Gimme a T, Gimme an H

This Thanksgiving banner is fun to make and beautiful to look at. I found this idea on Martha years ago and it was a great project to do with the kids, letting them help get ready for dinner too. Cut… Continue Reading →

Getting Your Holiday Guests Involved

This is a fun way to decorate the Thanksgiving table, as well as getting everyone sitting at the table involved in the spirit of Thankfulness. To make the centerpiece, find a brown colored pot. It could be terra-cotta, ceramic, really… Continue Reading →

Make the Most of Falling Leaves

During the Fall season, we love to collect leaves that fall on the ground. They make great crafty projects and are easily turned into art. Here are our Leaf Rubbings we’ve recently made, helping us see what’s inside. First, collect… Continue Reading →

Making Spooky Haunted Houses

We love to make these fun Candy Halloween Houses, thanks to my sister Steph for introducing this fun idea. These turned out to be the best we’ve made yet. My son really gets into it. At first glance you may… Continue Reading →

Weird Science

Back when I posted about applesauce, I saved one apple to experiment on. When I was teaching Kindergarten, this was a fun month long science project that my students loved, so I decided to do it with my kids. They… Continue Reading →

No-Sew Park Ponchos

We have been going to the park almost everyday. It is not too hot, not too cold. But the breeze has been kicking up a little. I am on the bench shivering from the wind. I went to the car… Continue Reading →

Wooden Spoon Puppets

My son loves to do a puppet show for anyone who goes into the bathroom with wooden spoons. He sticks the spoons under the door and does silly voices. I think it is sooo funny. So when I saw this… Continue Reading →

Making Fun Apple Prints

Apples are one of my favorite things about fall. There are so many things to do with apples. Even though they are available most of the year, they are best in the fall. My parents have many apple trees and… Continue Reading →

Toilet Paper Rolls

As a former teacher, I collected tons of household supplies like empty toilet paper rolls, baby food jars, formula cans, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons. I still have this need to save all the toilet paper rolls for some… Continue Reading →

Bottle Bird Feeder

I just saw this great idea for a Homemade Bird Feeder in the September issue of Family Fun Magazine (I love this magazine!!). This Bottle Bird Feeder is easy to make and fun for the kids to watch as birds… Continue Reading →

Kids Craft Weekly Newsletter

I am signed up to receive the Kids Craft Weekly Newsletter and I absolutely love it. I have been getting it for the last 2 issues. The newsletter comes in an email once a month. The creator/editor Amber, is from… Continue Reading →

Recycled Chunky Crayons

I know you have some crayons that are short, stubby, paper gone or in shreds. Perfect crayons don’t last long. I have a solution for all of those left over and unwanted stubby crayons. Here’s my version of how to… Continue Reading →

Tinkerbell’s Birthday

My daughter’s nickname is Tinkerbell, named by her Grandpa. It fits her to a tee. Sweet and cute, but also, sassy and feisty. This year we had a Tinkerbell party for her 2 year old birthday. Here are a few… Continue Reading →

Back to School Supplies

Maybe it’s the heat, but I am looking so forward to the Fall. You can’t miss the feeling as you walk into any supermarket and see the shelves lined with school supplies already in need. I have even spotted Halloween… Continue Reading →

Wet Water Sponge Toys

These water sponge toys soak up tons of water and pack a wet watery punch when thrown. They are easy to make and fun for the kids to throw. Here is how to make Wet Water Sponges. Wet Water Sponge… Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Jar

We don’t have the Rainy Day Blues anymore and want to help you get over them too. It is the first of June and a rainstorm hit the area, kept us up all night. So to mend those blues, we… Continue Reading →

Surf’s Up with Wave Jars

Surf’s up in these fun Wave Jars that you can make with the kids. You will find out that oil and water just dont mix and it’s a good thing. It is fun to discover things in science. I never… Continue Reading →

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