The answer: Every shopping center I walk in to. The biggest shopping weekend of the year has begun. It almost makes me green all over, ready to puke. I am not one of those shopping patrons that wake up at 3:00 am to get the screaming deals at Target or the Toy store. I value my sleep more than my wallet. I guess I should care more about the savings, but my body thanks me when I wake up refreshed. Then I call my friend and see what deals I missed out on.

I am almost done with my shopping. I try to do it early so that I don’t have to think about it last minute. I really try to think about the person I am shopping for. I try to get that perfect present and it takes more time than December 23rd. In early October I am getting my lists ready. My siblings and my husbands siblings still give gifts to each other. We rotate through a list, so that you will get everyone within the 8 years, (yes, there are 8 kids in my family.)

How do you get it all done? What lists do you create? How do you stay organized? And how does the gift giving work in your family?