Computer Software for the Little Ones

Bird Rock Family is a great place to buy computer games and software for CHEAP. I have been ordering from this company for years, (although they changed their name from “Smart e-Store”). They’re always offering great deals or free shipping. The only hiccup is that they only send the cd-rom, no instructions. But usually these computer games are pretty easy to figure out.

Here is a list of great computer games my kids love to play:

  • Reader Rabbit Toddler – This is especially great for kids who are really little and not quite ready to use the computer mouse. This game lets the child push the space bar for every action. Reader Rabbit also has more in their series with older kid’s games too.

  • Putt Putt – There are a bunch of Putt Putt games and they’re all great. My son loved it at 3-4 years old, but still plays them at age 6.  This series really helps kids use their problem solving skills as they help Putt Putt solve all kinds of puzzles.

  • Blue’s Clues – This has been a fun one, but it’s not as independent as the above 2 games. Blue has a fun Reading game too. These are great for kids learning Preschool or Kindergarten skills.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑