Autumn was in the air today and I felt the urge to add a little fall decor to my home. I had a few fall picks and candles, but I wanted a table runner to arrange them on, and I didn’t want to spend any money. Here’s what I came up with. I call it the Book Page Ruffled Table Runner. Because I made it out of up-cycled book pages. But you could also make it from newspaper pages, patterned paper, wrapping paper, a disposable table cloth, etc. It would be cute to make a whole set of place mats, too. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Carefully pull pages from a thrifted book. I started with 16 pages for small runner (just a little bigger than place mat size for my tiny table). I lined pages up in two rows of 8 each, overlapping in the margins. (Add more than 16 pages for a longer runner.) Remember–the length will shrink in half in an upcoming step.

2. Glue your pages together. I glued one to the top layer, then one on top of that on the bottom layer, all the way across.

3. To create a cute ruffle, cut or punch the edges of your runner with a scalloped border. If you don’t have a scallop punch or scissors, don’t fret– it will still get a ruffle-y look.

4. Next, start making small folds across the paper. I did several in one direction, then a couple in the opposite direction, then went back to the first direction.  The more random and uneven, the better! Crease each fold well.

5. Get your sewing machine out and choose a contrasting color of thread. Starting on one edge, sew each fold down about 2″ from the edge. When one side is done, sew down the other side.

6. Decorate by adding strips of contrasting tulle and scattered buttons, then your centerpiece of candles and fall items. Voila!

Here’s a white version I made with white wrapping paper and aqua tulle and buttons for a bridal shower.

I’m thinking set of Halloween place mats made out of newspaper would be super spooky and cute! I’m off to find a newspaper. . .

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