Creating a Family Home Office + Giveaway

We’ve recently moved into a darling cozy little house. But with this darling cozy little house, we’ve had to get creative with our storage, finding space for everything. We had this nook next to the kitchen and decided to turn it into an office space, a place for me to work and the kids to play, as well as adding in some pantry shelves. Yes, it’s tight, but it works. Plus it’s right next to the kitchen and family room, the perfect area for a family home office.

Small home office space

I’ve realized you don’t need a large space for an office. You can still have comfort in a 4×5 ft area. And you can have function. Your office needs to work for you. That’s where Staples comes in, an M&T sponsor, as they helped me make this small office space into a place where we can have comfort too.

I work from home and I’m sitting at my computer for a good part of my day, checking email, writing blog posts, editing photos. It can take a toll on my body, my booty and my back! In comes this amazing new Vayder Chair – Staples technical mesh task chair. I received one to try, adding it to my small, yet functional, home office space. This chair is fairly large, but fits oh-so-well in my tiny little office space. Hooray! I don’t have to sit on a small spin stool to make room for my tush as I type!

Kids at the computer

My sweet son, modeling the chair, is where he loves to sit… at the computer! Do your kids always want to be on the computer? Especially during the summer, I’m asked about 10 times a day for Poptropica, Club Penguin or MineCraft. Do your kids play those games? We’ve also started doing a summer school of sorts with the Khan Academy on the computer, which we all love. And I want to start doing a language program, maybe learning spanish with a computer program.

So yes, a family home office can be the hub of the home and best to have function and comfort. To help add a little comfort to your home office, I’m happy to share that one winner will be receiving a $100 Staples gift card in today’s giveaway to get you started on a fabulous home office. Follow the guidelines below to enter. Good luck!

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