Are you a dipper? Do you dip your cookies in milk? Some think it makes it soggy. Some think it adds extra flavor. I’m in between. Sometimes I want to eat the cookie just for the cookie, but other times, a good drench in milk can bring it to life. Along those lines, here’s a fun trick I learned from my brother-in-law Chris, for dipping your creme filled cookies. Thanks, Chris!

Supplies for Cookie Dipping:

  • creme filled cookies
  • milk
  • fork

Fork your cookie right in the center of the creme, making your fork sandwiched between the 2 sides of cookie. Then dip!

I love this technique for 2 reasons:

  • You can choose to dip your cookie halfway or all the way, and you don’t get your fingers wet.
  • There’s almost no chance you’re going to loose your cookie to the milk.

But this doesn’t work very well with regular cookies or even graham crackers, as we like to dip our graham crackers in milk too. Maybe I’ll have to try it on our own creme filling for chocolate chip cookies or graham crackers with frosting.

Are you a cookie dipper?