Okay, it IS the Happiest Place on Earth! If you can get past the two-year old tantrums, butt-in-liners, and the “I’m too tired to walk anymore” cries from your 4 year old, then you too can have a great Disneyland vacation. We had a blast. This is the first vacation that we have taken as just our own little family and we loved it. I think we got in every ride, every show, and every picture possible. Here is a Hint that Jordan doesn’t want me to share: this was the best week to go by far, no lines, no crowds, and lots and lots of rides. And it was so fun to go on your birthday. You get to wear a button pin and everyone says Happy Birthday to you. Here are a few pictures of the fun. (Click on the image for a closer look.)


Rides: Favorites – Pirates, Buzz for the 10th time, Splash Mtn, Space Mtn, Tea Cups at night to end the evening! With Disney’s Parent Ride Switch, Matt got to ride each one twice, sweet.



Characters: I think we hit up everyone for their signature. My fav is Ariel, I can still sing all her songs from heart! Lucy could not stop staring at the Characters. In every picture she is looking up at them!



Food: We ate our money’s worth in food. I kept hearing about this Monte Cristo from the Blue Bayou, but it IS really that good. And the Pommes Frites at the Cafe in N.O. And the 8 inch Corn Dogs at the little red car station. YUM! 



Matt: I am now the glowing mother of a Padawan Jedi! Matt finished his training at the academy and we could not have been more happy. It was a proud moment when he did not succumb to the Dark Side. He fought well.


Lucy: These pictures were the trip for Lucy. Throwing a tantrum or swinging from the bars while waiting in line. That monkey leash was a total life saver, and she loved it!


Scenic Moments: Here are all those picture perfect shots. Our family could be on a postcard.



Fun: We had so much fun. This sums up the many reasons of why we DO Disneyland!



When are you planning your next trip to Disneyland? (Am I a great advertisement, or what?)