My sister Stephanie and her husband Brian are here today as my guests sharing their heart felt love for the country of El Salvador. They’re in the process of adopting a little girl from there and have come to love the people, connecting with a particular orphanage in need. They’re here today asking for your help in the form of a donation to provide more for this orphanage. If you’re able to, in any way, please donate to this cause, helping them help the children of El Salvador. Here’s their story:

If you look closely into the eyes of the girls of Hogar de Natalia, you’ll see more than you might imagine. But you’ll have to look past the meager surroundings or the buildings in disrepair, because it’s the eyes that tell the tale – which truly is the story of hope.

The school bells had just rang when more than a handful of the fifty eight girls that live in this orphanage located in the fringes of San Salvador strolled dutifully back to the place they call home. The majority of these girls – fifty four out of fifty eight – are termed “unadoptable.” And not because of some malady they possess or because of a crime they’ve committed, but because some day, some how, each actually wants to return to their homes – home to a mother or father, a sister or aunt.

But today they can not.

Since there was no way for them to survive with the parents that gave them the gift of life, they luckily found a home with the sisters of the church – who despite an almost complete lack of funding – raise these girls as if they are their very own.

It’s surprising the places where you can find hope thriving. And it’s no surprise that we found it at Hogar de Natalia. These are girls who want to learn, who want to achieve, who want to become women of substance. But it takes more than the dedication of a handful of nuns and a single visit from a few Americans. Sadly, it takes more than we have to offer.

And so we vowed, like many, many people have done before, to do something – do anything to help these dear souls. It is this passion that is taking us back to El Salvador during the hot days of July to bring whatever we can to make not just their days, but there lives a little brighter.

We are not a professional humanitarian organization. We are just one couple who sees a need and is trying to help. Please join us – with whatever small contribution you can make – to help the daughters of El Salvador. We are traveling to El Salvador in a little over a month to deliver what we can to Hogar de Natalia. 100% of the funds we collect will be used to purchase – at discounted prices from reputable, local vendors – washing machines, eating utensils and cooking supplies for this wonderful organization. We are covering all of our own expenses (flights, food, hotel) so that all we collect will go to this most worthy cause.

If you are interested, simply click on the paypal button and make a small donation with your credit card and then check back at the end of July and look at the eyes of the girls you’ve chosen to help.

UPDATE: Here’s an update on the Neff’s trip to El Salvador and what they were able to help donate to the orphanage.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Brian & Stephanie Neff

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