Do’s and Don’ts of Summer

Summer is here and already roasting HOT. Well, it’s only 88, but feels like fire. I guess it could be worse, like in St. George where my sister is frying eggs on her sidewalk. Oh, I get so excited for June to come, making summer plans, buying sun block. Then comes July and August, and I can hardly stand to stay outside. I clocked the time on my shade in the back yard last year, having until 11:00 am to be out and watch the kids swim in the kiddie pool, before we step up the deck stairs as the sun hits each step to the sliding door. But this year I plan on being more of a trooper, especially with our large umbrella we bought for the patio. All I need is a large lemonade and my Mist Maker I bought when I was pregnant in August 05′.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts on my list of Summer Fun:

Do – get out the snow cone maker and invite all the neighbor kids.

Don’t – get out the snow sled, that won’t be ready for another 5 months.

Do – watch the veggie garden get big and delicious.

Don’t – watch the birds eat all your strawberries, it just gets you mad.

Do – use the grill for dinner every night to keep the kitchen cool.

Don’t – use the grill too close to the house or your vinyl siding will melt, oops!

Do – go to the local pool and splash around.

Don’t – go to the local pool after 11:00 am, just too many kids.

Do – get hooked on a new summer reality t.v. series (I love Last Comic Standing and I need to start up So You Think You Can Dance).

Don’t – get hooked on a new summer reality t.v. series (I always say I want to cancel cable for the summer).

Now, here are a few other blogging friends Summer to do lists. Their lists will soon be added to mine!

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Have fun with your Summer, and remember the sun block and mosiquito repellent!

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