Dressing up to Wave at the Bus

My neighbor up the street is known as “Mr. Wave at the Bus“. Since day 1 of the school year, back in August, he has dressed up in a silly costume to wave at his son’s school bus. Every morning, bright and early (or dark and early), he’s waving at that bus. He’s now on day 132, can you believe it?!

I have yet to see him in person, I’m not up as early as those high school kids, but here’s a fun clip of him on our local tv.

Go show him some support by commenting on your favorite costume over at Wave at the Bus blog. Or better yet, give him some new costume ideas. I know he’s always on the look out for what to dress up as next. I’m sure he would even take your costume donations as well.

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑