Michelle Lamar, a dear friend and fabulously funny blogger, sent me her book to review, The White Trash Mom Handbook: Embrace Your Inner Trailerpark, Forget Perfection, Resist Assimilation into the PTA, Stay Sane, and Keep Your Sense of Humor. I mean, it says it all in that title.

Michelle is not really “trashy”. In fact, she’s as nice as pie and wicked smaht! But she was tired of living up to someone else’s standards of a “perfect mom” set by the community, especially in her child’s school! I’ve felt it, maybe you have too. So in this handbook, Michelle is dispelling these myth of perfection, in a humorous and real way.

Here’s a few topics of discussion from the handbook. See if this sounds like you:

  • Faking it for the bake sale
  • Your kids will be in therapy, deal with it
  • You and the local pizza guy exchange Christmas cards each year
  • Your kids think cheese comes from a can
  • Your child has been the last one picked up from school (me, but only once, it was a sad day!)

Thanks to Michelle, we can feel better about being who we are, a mom who is doing her best, and not conform to a standard set by those who think they are the authority. Check out White Trash Mom’s Handbook and feel better about being you.