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Happy Mom’s Day

by Marie on May 10, 2008

Happy to be Mom to 2, almost 3 kids. Happy to have my Mom close by and so helpful. Happy to have a great Mother in law. Happy to have my sister’s and their greatness. Happy to have 2 living Grandmothers to share memories with, and grateful for the ones who have passed on and […]

I love to celebrate Teacher Appreciation, going on this week May 5th-9th. It helps remind me of the great things our teachers do. It’s always nice to receive a little extra love from your students. Because some days, being a teacher is the hardest job around. My suggestion for your gift to a teacher is […]

Shopping with the Kids

by Marie on April 28, 2008

Grocery shopping is a tiring task. Even more tiring is dragging your kids along with you. We start the shopping battle with who is sitting where in the cart. Dangerous as it might be, we seem to be hanging off every side. The cart fills up with food and supplies, leaving no room for the […]

I am super excited to announce I will be a Guest Mom this week over at Design Mom. This Design Mom has the goods on all things fashionable and stylish for mommy. Along with great products, there are always fabulous giveaways to enter to win. This week of April 21-25th will be filled with some […]

Pollen and Pregnancy

by Marie on April 8, 2008

My Hay fever is here and can I tell you that pregnancy and allergies don’t mix! Anyone who has been pregnant knows the loss of bladder control is very apparent, especially when one sneezes. Well, try to imagine sneezing close to 200 times a day while being pregnant. My tummy muscles are working over time […]

Toddler Mascara Mishap

by Marie on March 28, 2008

I was positive my little girl was playing in her room, when I realized it had been quiet for too long. I called out her name, and no response. I think she knew she was in trouble and didn’t respond. I guess I shouldn’t have put any blush on her that morning and left my […]

Pregnancy Websites

by Marie on February 22, 2008

Being “with child” as I am (5 months) I will often visit a few of my favorite pregnancy websites and see what this thing inside me looks like, what it’s doing, and why I am now experiencing the dreaded heart burn. I go through at least half a bottle each day!! Luckily, I remember that […]

I have two very exciting pieces of news. First, we gave in at the ultrasound and found out what this lovely next baby will be. I just couldn’t stand it and I am glad we found out. It’s a Girl! We are super excited and our other 2 kids are both very excited as well. […]

We are getting an ultrasound on our baby this next week. The question that we have been faced with is “Should we find out the gender of the baby or wait until it is born?” We currently have one boy and one girl. So this would be a good time not to know the gender. […]

The Energizer Bunny

by Marie on January 22, 2008

My son was experiencing a lot of energy the other day and we asked him why he had so much. He said it was because he was full of batteries! Well, that is how I feel. HOORAY! I am out of the morning sickness woods. I have been able to cook dinner and then actually […]

My Little Bear’s Big Day

by Marie on January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Bear, who turned 5 years old. This year he asked to eat at Red Lobster. He loves that it has live lobsters. He didn’t even cringe when he picked his lobster out and knew it was going to be cooked. Five years have gone fast. Here is a quick […]

I am sorry, but most pregnant people I know can say that “morning sickness” is not only in the morning. Who ever came up with that term should be tortured. My pregnancy hormones just won’t settle in for the winter. With each child, it has gotten longer and longer. Gratefully, I only puked a few […]

The Shirt Tells All

by Marie on January 5, 2008

I have been keeping a little secret. Okay, it’s a big one. Yes, I ‘m Pregnant! I am 16 weeks along and going strong. Now that the nausea is all but gone, I can’t believe I’m almost through that yucky awful phase, but more on that topic later and how I got through. This shirt […]

Away in a Manger

by Marie on December 18, 2007

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family puts together a little spiritual program to help us remember the birth of baby Jesus. Over the years we’ve participated in stories, games, recitals, singing, and the Nativity Play. When we were kids we would perform the Nativity, wearing bath towels on our heads for the Wise-men and […]

Guest post by Molly of The Pickett’s Place. This is a fun christmas tradition I’ve been sharing with my family. It is cheap and so fun, and the kids love to discover all the books to be found and read during the holiday season. First, find 25 christmas books. It may sound like a lot, […]

Those Terrible Twos

by Marie on November 10, 2007

I can’t take another night of my sweet little munchkin waking up in the middle of the night, climbing out of her crib, opening her door, slamming her door closed, climbing into our bed, and whispering “Wake up, Daddy”. “Lucy, Go back to your bed.” “No, I go watch a show.” “No, you go back […]

Dressed Up Kiddies

by Marie on June 21, 2007

Here is proof that my children are not always in their pajamas!! I know that almost every single picture of them in this blog has them sporting their PJ’s. You can see that Lucy’s hair is combed all pretty here, not like Medusa from previous posts. I promise, I am just up early doing these […]

Reading With the Kiddies

by Marie on March 30, 2007

How important is it, you say? Well, everyone is doing it!! It really is important to read with your kids. And not just reading to your kids, but reading with your kids. There are lots of ways to get your child ready to read, even when they are 2, 3, and 4 years old. While […]

Yeah!! It’s the Ballerina Tutu Adventure revisited. She did it! She finally put on the TuTu. She even danced around. I am a proud Mother. This is one of those proud mother moments. My husband had one of these moments when our son was just 18 months old. Jordan’s proud father moment was when Matthew […]

Story of the Make and Takes

by Marie on February 12, 2007

Okay, I did it! I started a Blog!! I’m finding the time to write about my life amidst all the crazy that can go on. Between the crafting, sewing, emailing, mommying, dinnering, and everything else, I am committed to writing this blog. So on with the story of the Make and Take: My Sisters and […]

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