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Welcome to our Family Time page. Here you'll find all kinds of articles about the family. There's parenting tips, activities for spending time with family, and ideas to share special moments with your loved ones. Check out a few of our most popular posts here, or scroll down for the most recent projects.

The Shirt Tells All

by Marie on January 5, 2008

I have been keeping a little secret. Okay, it’s a big one. Yes, I ‘m Pregnant! I am 16 weeks along and going strong. Now that the nausea is all but gone, I can’t believe I’m almost through that yucky awful phase, but more on that topic later and how I got through. This shirt […]

Away in a Manger

by Marie on December 18, 2007

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family puts together a little spiritual program to help us remember the birth of baby Jesus. Over the years we’ve participated in stories, games, recitals, singing, and the Nativity Play. When we were kids we would perform the Nativity, wearing bath towels on our heads for the Wise-men and […]

Guest post by Molly of The Pickett’s Place. This is a fun christmas tradition I’ve been sharing with my family. It is cheap and so fun, and the kids love to discover all the books to be found and read during the holiday season. First, find 25 christmas books. It may sound like a lot, […]

Those Terrible Twos

by Marie on November 10, 2007

I can’t take another night of my sweet little munchkin waking up in the middle of the night, climbing out of her crib, opening her door, slamming her door closed, climbing into our bed, and whispering “Wake up, Daddy”. “Lucy, Go back to your bed.” “No, I go watch a show.” “No, you go back […]

Dressed Up Kiddies

by Marie on June 21, 2007

Here is proof that my children are not always in their pajamas!! I know that almost every single picture of them in this blog has them sporting their PJ’s. You can see that Lucy’s hair is combed all pretty here, not like Medusa from previous posts. I promise, I am just up early doing these […]

Reading With the Kiddies

by Marie on March 30, 2007

How important is it, you say? Well, everyone is doing it!! It really is important to read with your kids. And not just reading to your kids, but reading with your kids. There are lots of ways to get your child ready to read, even when they are 2, 3, and 4 years old. While […]

Yeah!! It’s the Ballerina Tutu Adventure revisited. She did it! She finally put on the TuTu. She even danced around. I am a proud Mother. This is one of those proud mother moments. My husband had one of these moments when our son was just 18 months old. Jordan’s proud father moment was when Matthew […]

Story of the Make and Takes

by Marie on February 12, 2007

Okay, I did it! I started a Blog!! I’m finding the time to write about my life amidst all the crazy that can go on. Between the crafting, sewing, emailing, mommying, dinnering, and everything else, I am committed to writing this blog. So on with the story of the Make and Take: My Sisters and […]

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