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Welcome to our Family Time page. Here you'll find all kinds of articles about the family. There's parenting tips, activities for spending time with family, and ideas to share special moments with your loved ones. Check out a few of our most popular posts here, or scroll down for the most recent projects.

I’m sure we could all use a few tips and tricks when it comes to taking our kids grocery shopping. I’ve just discovered this darling Grocery Shopping Book from over at Spotlight. She Wears Flowers created this perfect little felt book for her daughter to take with her to the store and help “pick” out […]

We’ve collected a lot of toys over the last 8 years of having children and our playroom was at it’s limit with clutter. We decided it was time to make some big decisions and clean it out, I mean really clean it out. After deciding what toys the kids haven’t played with in a long […]

Guess How Much I Love You

by Marie on March 4, 2011

This cute little storybook, Guess How Much I Love You, is one of our family’s favorites. I’ve written about it before and how we love to come up with new ways to say I love you. “I love you to the rocks and back”. “I love you to the stars and back”. And so on […]

I recently wrote an article over at Momformation about the guilt you might feel about keeping or tossing out your child’s artwork, part of their Guilt-Free Week series. I want to expand on a few more thoughts, sharing what I do to manage the school work, projects, and crafts that my kids produce. At our […]

As a mother of 5, it’s inevitable that I will have at least ONE picky eater. And, I do. It’s bad. Bad, as in:  hates chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pizza, cheese, fruit, veggies, ketchup, mustard, pretty much everything. Really, everything. Yes, I accept hugs from strangers. I was browsing Redbook, the other day, and read about […]

I don’t know about your kids, but mine come home hungry from school. School can be a long day, lots of sitting, playing, and learning. So when they come home, they are ready for a snack. But I like to be careful not to feed them too much, as dinner is just around the corner. […]

Need a way to make spelling fun? Play this game of Snow Mitten Letter Scramble I’m sharing over at PBS Parents. This is a fun and engaging way to help your kids get excited about letters, sounds, and spelling. It’s the perfect activity for almost any age. My 5 year old is finding small words […]

Here are a few places I’ve been hanging out, crafting, chatting, and getting excited about the upcoming winter holidays. We’re having more fun with Santa over at the BabyCenter’s Momformation with this Santa Paper Cone. Fill this with goodies for a ho ho ho-liday gift! Stitch up this darling paper stocking, ready to be filled […]

On this Veteran’s Day, I asked a couple of M&T readers to share a fun crafty collage about someone who they are celebrating today. They created these collages with items that their loved ones enjoy. This is a great activity anyone can do when they want to honor, remember, and celebrate a loved one. From […]

Let’s face it, life can be hectic. Sometimes you don’t have time to put on a show-stopping birthday party. Admit it, sometimes we want to impress other parents with our amazing parties! I know I do! I love some good bloggy eye-candy, but the truth is, with three boys who aren’t even in grade school […]

Are you like me and need to get into a better routine for brushing your children’s teeth or their teeth are going to fall out? I admit, I’m a horrible parent, I have a hard time remembering to brush my kid’s pearly whites. So to help me see the bigger picture on the survival of […]

If you haven’t yet heard of the Volunteer Spot and you have school age children, then get yourself over to check them out. They are a fabulous website sharing all kinds of help for parents with kids in school. I’ve teamed up with Volunteer Spot to help write their latest free downloadable e-book, The Room […]

Are your kids ready for back to school? Are YOU ready for back to school?! Well, here are a few quick tips for getting back into the swing of things! From clothes and backpacks to books and snacks. I’m posting my 5 tips for back to school over at Snackpicks. What is your family most […]

I’m guest posting over at the ever wonderful Marta Writes today. She’s posting a series of How To’s and I’m happy to be one of the bloggers sharing a fun tutorial. I’m sharing how to host a children’s birthday party, as they can get a little hectic trying to plan and you want to cover […]

We’re a family who has a “time out” stool in our home. It’s a place where we send our kids when they need a little time out. It might be time out from their siblings, friends, or an activity, most often times when they’ve done something bad. It helps them, and me, calm down. Here’s […]

We recently took a trip to Southern California, part 2 of my Summer Bucket List, as we wanted to play to the beach and hit up a few amusement parks that you’ll hear a little bit more about later. On the road, we were able to test drive an Acadia thanks to GMC. It was […]

I love all the tips, tricks, and helpful advice given from these Rookie Moms. There are activities for kids and for mom, helping you figure this whole parenting thing out! They’ve even come out with a Rookie Mom’s Handbook. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned with us!

Even though our playroom is a pretty fun place to play, my kids still like to be right where I am. If I’m in the kitchen, they’re running around me in circles. If I’m on the couch, they’re climbing all over me. You might know what I’m talking about. But as summer is ever approaching, […]

I’m thrilled and honored to have found out that Make and Takes is a finalist in the Scholastic Parent and Child Blogger Awards! Voting has just opened and I’d love if you took a minute to head over and vote. You don’t have to sign up, just click “vote”, super easy! You have until June […]

An early present for all you Moms, Mommies, and Mamas out there – Happy Mother’s Day! Can you relate to that clip as much as I can? It’s Stewie from the Family Guy doing exactly what I hear all day every day from my own cute little munchkin! Here’s my almost 2 year old saying […]

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