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My little girl is now interested in writing and drawing lines, so I figured she’s ready to start forming those lines into letters. We now take time everyday to practice writing letters of the alphabet from A-Z! As she’s just starting out, we go slow and easy. We play this little game that she loves. […]

My son has just started 1st grade and we’re now back in the school routine of things. Bed time is earlier, breakfasts are bigger to last him through until lunch, and homework has to get done before playtime. I see there are a lot of you too who are gearing up for Back to School. […]

Giving Your Kids Choices

by Marie on August 13, 2009

As parents, we want to know that we’re in control. But our kids tend to beg, plead, and whine about the choices we make for them. So I try to give my kids choices without letting them choose. This is a great way to let kids have a choice without giving up all the parental […]

I’m contributing over at Alpha Mom’s – Once Upon a Holiday again today. Come see how I made my first grader this school cone called a Schultüte!

I’m so happy to introduce you all to my sister-in-law who’s my guest today. Cathy’s here sharing some information about her child with special needs. She writes about her son’s condition at Keto Kid, sharing tips and support for other similar families. We have three great boys! Our youngest, Noah, is 6 years old.  He […]

I just had to feature this great post and video about CarSchooling from Lauren, at Supermom Central. She’s sharing ideas on how-to keep the education ongoing with your kids in the car, even through the summer. Here’s a fun video from Studio 5 showing some of the great gear she uses with her kids when […]

Eco-Friendly Celebrating

by Marie on July 16, 2009

I’m excited to have Vanessa from I Never Grew Up here today as my guest. She’s sharing some great tips on throwing an Eco-Friendly party, reusing your decor to help the environment. Our little family is still pretty new so we are discovering our own traditions and ways to make yearly celebrations special. Every day […]

Ever since my children were very young, I’ve had the desire to expose them to a second language. I’ve noticed over the last few years that they’ve been picking up phrases in Spanish, thanks to Dora and Diego! They can count in Spanish, know a few colors and some directions, it’s great! So I’ve been […]

My sister Stephanie and her husband Brian are here today as my guests sharing their heart felt love for the country of El Salvador. They’re in the process of adopting a little girl from there and have come to love the people, connecting with a particular orphanage in need. They’re here today asking for your […]

When asking a child a question, we often expect them to answer us right away. Even with questions like, “How old are you?” you would think a child could answer right away. Well, with kids, especially small ones, it can take their brains a little longer to come up with an answer. They just need […]

What You Can Do For Autism

by Marie on April 30, 2009

Even though it’s the last day for Autism Awareness Month, it doesn’t mean the awareness stops there. So I’ve asked Christy from to share a few tips on raising an autistic child, as she’s doing it with her own son. It takes a lot of people to raise a child with autism.  I have […]

My hope with Make and Takes is to share a few parenting insights from what I’ve learned as a teacher and parent that’s helped me teach and raise my own kids. As I’ll be sharing fun ideas or methods I’ve found helpful, I’d like to open this up to the questions you may have too. […]

I grew up playing all kinds of board games with my family. My all time favorite is still Boggle… and I’m really good at it, not shy to say so! Here’s the trick, don’t underestimate the letter ‘s’. It will give you another point every time you use it to make a word plural. What […]

I was so happy to be a part of the Mom It Forward with Make and Takes service project held in Utah last week. Families came to craft with their kids, all to help out kids in need! We decorated a Christmas Tree at the Christmas Box House, a home for children to stay in […]

Easy Hooded Bath Towel

by Marie on March 31, 2009

I’ve made each of my kids their own bath towel hoodie when they’re born, starting with my son 6 years ago. I make them one with their name on it and one with a fun appliqued shape on the back. These towels are super easy to make, needing only limited sewing know-how. And they make […]

As winter is almost over, the ‘sick’ season is still here. My kids are now sick and every time this happens, it takes me a few days to realize I need to do something about it. So I’ve come up with a few things I should be doing on day 1, so by day 3 […]

Here’s a few more great sites helping with your debt solution! Money Saving Mom Frugal Dad Mom Advice Simple Mom Frugal Hacks

While at Mom 2.0, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katherine Center. She was a panelist, talking about her experience writing her novels, The Bright Side of Disaster and Everyone is Beautiful. I was so intrigued by her latest book’s premise, Everyone is Beautiful, that I bought a copy and started reading right […]

April, from Sweet Life in the Valley, shares some of her favorite “Sweet” things on her blog. As well as being a photographer, she’s also a Mom of 3 and home schools her tweens! Today she’s guest posting with 5 great tips to home schooling older kids. With home school you have the option to […]

Recycled Baby Food Containers

by Marie on February 26, 2009

Recycling baby food containers into snack holders is a fantastic trick I learned from my sweet sis-in-law, Lindsay. She takes her baby food containers, washes them out, and fills them up with little snacks. They fit nicely in my diaper bag and stay closed tight with their lid. I’ve usually put snacks into plastic baggies, […]

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