Have I told you how much I love my contributors?! They are the best, some of the most talented writers, bloggers, women in the biz. I’m blessed to have them on my team sharing fabulous content with us all. I’m highlighting some of their posts today, some of their best from 2012. Go to them and love them. Enjoy!

Amy of Let’s Explore

  • Edible Cells: what a fun way to learn science. Amy has all kinds of fun posts for learning and discovering science.

  • Creating Zoo Maps: what a fun way to bring an adventure home. My kids love the zoo and obsess about the map they give. So this is a perfect activity to further the learning.

Danyelle of Dandee Designs

  • Homemade Memory Game: I love this memory game set. A fun way to to use shapes in a modern style game.

Melissa of ISLY

  • DIY Stamp Set: make your own set of stamps for painting and decorating. 

Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia

Sabrena of Suite Spots

  • Weekly Gardening: sharing how they grow and cultivate a summer garden with the whole family.

See?! Aren’t they the best? Have fun falling in love with them too!