I love facebook. It’s fun to share photos of my kids, let Mom and Dad know what we’re up to since we moved to Seattle, and keep in touch with new and old friends (don’t say you haven’t spied on your jr. high crush!)

I also manage a facebook page for Make and Takes. A place to share creative inspiration, parenting questions, and fun crafty finds. Over the last couple of years my fans have grown to over 15,500, whoa! So to say thank you to everyone who has given us a “like”, I’m offering you all a free gift, my new gift giving ebook. Yippee! Head over to the M&T facebook page and you’ll see the “Free Gift” link on the left hand sidebar.

Here’s a little sneak peek: 

Gift Giving Ideas for Any Occasion is a collection of old and new handmade gift giving tutorials, all in one handy place. There’s an idea for almost every holiday, birthday, or party where you might need a gift wrapped present. Also included is a set of Free Printable Gift Tags just for you, provided by designer Juliann Law. And special thanks to Aimee Giese for her awesome ebook design skills.

So after you’re done checking the status of Dave from 3rd period English ;) click over to the Make and Takes facebook fan page to download your ebook for *free* today!

  • If you’re already a facebook fan, simply look to the left of the M&T facebook page sidebar and you’ll see the link “Free Gift”. Click to download my gift giving ebook for *free*!!
  • If you’re not YET a facebook fan, simply “like” M&T on facebook and you’ll be directed to the “Free Gift” page. Click the green download button and you’re on your way to gift giving success!