Frosting Cookies with Kids

The first time you frost cookies with kids, you will come to learn that licking the knife is an inevitable reflex for those little ones. They just can’t help themselves! Who can blame them, we’ve all done it.

But when we’re in a setting where you’re sharing with friends or classmates, you don’t want children to be sharing germs as they lick the knife and put it back in the bowl. To help with this, I suggest giving each child their own bowl of frosting and their own knife for licking. That way, germs stay in one location.

One minute they’re frosting cookies…

…the next minute they’re licking the knife! See, inevitable!

Try to encourage the kids to frost as much of their cookie without licking, then when they are done frosting, let ’em go for it! It’s the best part. Love those messy faces!


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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑