I have been a busy little bee, trying to get ready for this Craft Show I am doing this weekend. Here are photos of the booth my sister and I are doing. It is the best we could come up with, hoping the products sell themselves!


boutique-1.jpg boutique-2.jpg boutique-3.jpg

My Sister, Sue Ruplinger, is with me in this boutique. I love her Baby Print Kits and Paw Print kits. Everything is there for you in the kit to make the memory of your baby or Pet. I love the pet ones. We were even saying that you could take a print of your pet gerbal, snake, or even fish. Sue is also a very accomplished artist. She has amazing prints to purchase and original works of fine art – go to Sue’s Gallery.

So for me, I’ve gone from “Oh, the sewing madness”, to “Oh, crap, this stuff better sell”. But if not, there is always Etsy.

Do you all know about Etsy, yet? It is the greatest place to buy and sell Handmade products online. I love it and need to spread the word around about it. Really great products, all handmade with love, easy to buy, fun to sell. I am part of a couple Etsy “street teams” that are great too. EtsyKids is a group made up of sellers who make products for kids and babies. Check out the EtsyKids Blog. Also, I am a member of EtsyGreetings. This group is made up of Greeting Card sellers. Check out the EtsyGreetings Blog. They have a great site dedicated to Mom’s for mother’s day coming up.

Wish me luck this weekend. I hope it’s not a bust. Really I just hope to come out even $$. And if you are in the area, come stop on by!