Bird Rock Family is a great place to buy computer games and software for CHEAP. I have been ordering from this company for years, (although they changed their name from “Smart e-Store”). They’re always offering great deals or free shipping. The only hiccup is that they only send the cd-rom, no instructions. But usually these […]

We’ve got 3 lucky winners for the book Everyone is Beautiful. Congrats to the winners: #153 Jennifer, #107 Jenny D, #98 Lynn! And thanks to Katherine Center for giving us all the chance to be ‘beautiful’!

Here’s a few more great sites helping with your debt solution! Money Saving Mom Frugal Dad Mom Advice Simple Mom Frugal Hacks

While at Mom 2.0, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katherine Center. She was a panelist, talking about her experience writing her novels, The Bright Side of Disaster and Everyone is Beautiful. I was so intrigued by her latest book’s premise, Everyone is Beautiful, that I bought a copy and started reading right […]

Great comments, lots of new babies on the way! Well, we have a winner for this Sweet Stroller $75 gift certificate. Congrats to #314 Kimberly, you’re going to be riding in style! Thanks to all who entered in this giveaway. Check out Sweet Strollers for the goods on great strollers and accessories.

Sweet Stroller Giveaway

by Marie on March 6, 2009

I’m happy to introduce to you one of my newest sponsors here at Make and Takes, Sweet Strollers. They want you to “ride safely in style”, providing quality strollers at great prices.  You’re sure to get one that’s perfect for your family’s needs. Sweet Strollers realizes that mom’s may have different needs and desires for […]

I’m making a few changes to Make and Takes, trying to get more organized. My hope is to make things easier for myself and easier for you in searching and finding posts that interest you. For starters, I’m going to start posting specific things on specific days. Then in the next little bit, I’ll be […]

Summing Up Mom 2.0 Summit

by Marie on February 27, 2009

I’ve had the chance to go to another conference, Mom 2.0 Summit. Yes, 2 in one month, with BlissDom first… gotta love it! There were some amazing women at this conference, having now met most of my blogging idols. Kirtsy and Opmom joined forces and brought together great speakers, bloggers and marketers alike. As I […]

It was fun to read the Givaway comments on how many of you are planning trips to Utah soon! And lots of others who are needing to dust off their skis and take a day off. Well, the winner of the Park City giveaway is #3 Carole, getting 2 free lift tickets to this season’s […]

We recently had a day out with the family skiing up at Park City Mountain Resort. It was a blast! Jordan and I went skiing all day, while our two oldest kids took “first timer” ski lessons from the Resort’s amazing instructors! I’ve been lucky to live in Utah near so many great ski resorts, […]

Two Funny Dudes From Down Under

by Marie on February 20, 2009

Shane and David, from the Upside Down Show, are two of the funniest characters on children’s television. Really, they’re so creative and imaginative, I’m always laughing along with my kids. Their show is a mix of Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Mr. Rogers, super silly with tons of imagination. It’s shown only on Noggin (that I […]

Yay, it’s Make and Take’s birthday! I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years now and have loved every minute of it. I must especially thank all of you for helping keep this going. Thank you for reading, commenting, and linking to Make and Takes!! To say thanks for being the best people out there, […]

Get Twitter-Pated Event

by Marie on February 11, 2009

If you live in Utah and want to learn how to better use Social Media, like Twitter and Kirtsy, come to a Startup Princess Event this Thursday called Get Twitter-pated and Learn to Kirtsy. I’ll be teaching a mini class on Twitter 101, Vanessa from I Never Grew Up will be getting a little more […]

BlissDom ’09 Round Up

by Marie on February 10, 2009

What a great weekend. Thanks to the BlissDom ’09 organizers Allison Worthington and Barbara Jones, it was fabulous. I moderated the panel discussing Social Media, a topic which I have lots of interest in. And thank you to my roomies, Katie from Moms in the Right and Nicole, aka Gidget Goes Home. Nicole and I […]

I just want to reminder you all of our Make and Takes Flickr Group. There’s already some great crafty pictures to see. What other fun crafty things have you been up to and need to add to our group? Come join and share your crafty goodness. 1. Gift Bows, 2. Pink Retro Backpack, 3. First […]

We have our winner for the Sherbet Blossom Design giveaway. Congrats to #131 Katie B, you are the winner of a fabulous blog makeover. Enjoy the fun fresh new look of your site! And for everyone else, visit Sherbet Blossom Designs to get your own blog/website makeover.

You are all in luck today as Hannah from Sherbet Blossom Designs is giving away a free website/blog design package! Yay… a blog makeover with something fun, fresh, and hip for your blog or website. Her designs are absolutely lovely, you’ll be the bell of the blogging ball. Hannah’s portfolio will show you just how […]

Blissful Kids CD Giveaway

by Marie on January 13, 2009

Head on over to Blissful Kids to enter in for a fun Children’s CD by Janet Sirret. It’s called, Creepy, Crawly, Slimy Things, just what you want your kids to be singing about! So get ready for your heart to start pumpin’ and your feet to start tappin’. Bonus: If you mention you came from […]

What a way to start out 2009 right! Thanks to all who entered in the Create Your Own LifeVision giveaway. We have our winner #28 Leigh Anne who said she’d like to “find more Joy” in 2009. Congrats! And if you’re interested in making 2009 your BEST YEAR EVER… consider using a LifeVision as a […]

If you’ve been getting your New Year’s Resolutions ready, then this giveaway is perfect for you. What is a LifeVision you ask? It’s a detailed plan to execute your goals in a specific and unique way. Relationships, Physical, Spiritual, Financial/Professional, & Emotional/Personal Development are the 5 areas your LifeVision focuses on to create balance in […]

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