I’ve recently signed up with Ebay to start gathering super cool items for a gift guide collection. Today I’m featuring some fabulous gifts for the whole family. Be sure to check it out and follow my collection. Whether you’re traveling during the holidays, staying warm indoors out of the cold, or inviting extended family to your home, here are some great gifts for everyone in your family to enjoy!

  • Play Hedbandz: This is one of our favorite family night games! Really. We play it about once a week. It’s so easy to bring out and play anytime. And you’d think it was only for kids, but Jordan and I get really into it. I have the hardest time figuring mine out. My 5 year old is better at asking questions than I am. It’s a great way to see how everyone problem solves!

Headbandz family game @ebay #followfindit

  • Rainy Day Craft Hamper: It’s the rainy season for us here in Seattle and my kids are always looking for something do to for some rainy day play! I love this darling hamper filled to the brim with craft supplies. The kids can go crazy crafting anything they want. Perfect for some indoor fun.

Rainy Day Basket @Ebay #followfindit

  • Kid’s Travel Animal Pillows: We’ll be traveling just after Christmas this year, and these animal neck pillows are perfect when you’re holiday road trippin’! Not only are they a great way for children’s necks to stay sturdy, they can double as a darling friend for their travels too.

Kids Travel Pillows @ebay #followfindit

How do you make the time pass when you’re traveling with kids during the holidays? And when you get together with family after your travels, what does your family do when a big crowd gets together? Share your gift ideas and travel tips in the comments!

** My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay #FOLLOWITFINDIT