I’ve recently signed up with Ebay to start gathering super cool items for a gift guide collection. Today I’m featuring some of the books I’ve collected in one handy place for your little bookworm. Be sure to check it out and follow my collection. So many are my favorites. Classics, must-haves, and books for kid-friendly fun!

  • Little Golden Books: These golden spines bring back so many memories for me. I think we owned almost all of them growing up. I’m hoping to start this collection for my own kids, reading all kinds of classic stories.

Little Golden Books

  • Pete the Cat Books: Pete is our new favorite character. The author takes us on a sing-song adventure with this silly little cat. He’s rockin’ school shoes, wearing white socks, and has some groovy buttons!

Pete the Cat Books

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Books: Do you remember these? They were my favorite to read. I never knew where the story would take me as I skipped all over the book, choosing my own adventure. These are a great collection to introduce to your new little reader!

Choose Your Own Adventure books

I always need more books to read for some family fun. Share what’s on your child’s bookshelf in the comments!

** My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay #FOLLOWITFINDIT