Grilled Cheese Invitational 09′ Wrap-up

Cheese O’ Cheese O’ Cheese! I was surrounded by glorious cheese at the Grilled Cheese Invitational last weekend. With over 250 contestants, 5000 tasters/judges, and 18,000 grilled cheese samples grilled by Kraft Singles, it was truly cheese Heaven.

Kraft Singles Cheese

There were 3 Grill Cheese divisions being judged:

  • Missionary Style – only cheese and bread
  • Kama Sutra – Meat, cheese, and bread
  • Honey Pot – dessert style with cheese and bread

The grilling began with the founder, Tim Walker, and the Mayor of Cheese starting us off, along with an invocation praising the cheese Gods. There were many techniques used: different pans, all kinds of cheese, even cheese on the outside, lots and lots of butter, some adorned with a garnish of salad or soup, and flattening with spatulas and bricks! Even among the windy elements when the burners were being testy, the contestants were grilling at their best. Then there was Kraft Singles grilling up a storm, feeding the hungry people!

Kraft Singles Grilling

Here’s a video sharing some of the fun.


Grill Cheese Prep


Brick Grilling


Waiting for Grilled Cheese


Me Eating Cheese


Judging Contest


Winning Grilled Cheese

My vote was for the Mac n’cheese with baby back ribs, oh my my!

Grilled Mac and Cheese

Here’s me and my fellow Cheesy Bloggers, Rachel from A Southern Fairytale and Christy from Southern Plate.

Cheesy Bloggers

Thanks again to Kraft Singles for sending me there. It was great! For more pictures, check it out on my Flickr page.

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