It’s My Birthday! The big 3-0. I’m now in the 30’s club, but you wouldn’t think it. All my life, I’ve been mistaken for much younger. I’d win at the carnival when they try to guess my age. Also, I was carded at a R rated movie when I was 22. I’m sure all of you were thinking the same thing too, “No way she’s 30. Maybe 19 tops.” If I wear mascara though, I think it gives me a few more years, maybe like age 21. But as I get older, I’ll stay looking younger. I was always told that and didn’t like it, but now I’m starting to like hearing it. And when I’m 50 and look 25, you will all be jealous! So Ha!

It is also My Husband Jordan’s 30th Birthday today too!! We have the same birthday, same year. Jordan is 2 hours older than me. When we first met I learned our birthday was the same day. I made him show me his driver’s license just to be sure. He called me the next day and told me he’d talked to his mom about what time he was born, hoping to be older, but just by 2 hours. People think we look alike, but we’re not twins, I’m recorded to be born in Utah and Jordan in California. We had fun with our birthday on the same day for the first year, then after that, we both got selfish and would really love our own day. It turns out that his family celebrated in the morning and mine at night, so we split up the celebrating. Really, Mother’s day and Father’s day are a bigger deal at our house now.


This year we are celebrating at Disneyland with our kids! We get a special birthday pin from the Park, a yummy birthday gift basket, and we even get to eat birthday cake with the characters. I hope Goofy shows up, he has always been a favorite. I am sure I will be posting pictures soon.

So, have a cupcake on us and help celebrate our birthday – Happy Birthday to us!!