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I’m contributing over at Alpha Mom again today. Come on over to Alpha Mom’s – Once Upon a Holiday to see how I made these fun Snowman Stitched Cards. He’ll keep things frosty this Winter!

With so many fun things to make for the holidays, I’m posting some great ideas for giving a Handmade Holiday. Today’s Mama has done some research and found that many of you are cutting back the spending. If so, then hopefully some of these handmade ideas will help you save some pennies, while still giving […]

Santa Hat Stitched Card

by Marie on November 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho! Santa’s Sleigh is almost on it’s way. Here’s a fun Santa Hat holiday card to hand-stitch for your Season’s Greetings. Or check out the last year’s stitched card of the Christmas Tree. Either would be perfect to create for your family and friends. Supplies: Everything is available at your local craft or […]

Fall Acorn Crafty Magnets

by Marie on November 14, 2008

After leaf crunching and turkey making, there’s still a few projects we’re making for Fall. These Acorn Magnets are perfect for displaying the Fall craft projects the kids have made at school. Supplies for Acorn Magnets: acorns magnets – they now sell these strong neodymium magnets at Walmart or other craft stores, or you can […]

Mod Podge Your Pressed Leaves

by Marie on November 7, 2008

Mod Podge is one of those great crafty products everyone should have. It can do everything: glue, seal, finish, and even your laundry all in one little bottle! Well, I used my Mod Podge to glue, seal and finish the leaves I pressed earlier this week. I made 2 framed Fall pictures for my kitchen, […]

I have diapers, wipes and a changing cloth in almost every room of my house. If I’m downstairs, I’m just too lazy to walk up to the baby’s room and get the diaper changing supplies. So I’ve got this fun Ribbon Container to hold them in, embellished with ribbon all fun and fancy. Supplies for […]

I’ve taken this fun idea from Goody-Goody for fabric wrapped letters, and turned it into a Halloween decoration. I cut strips of black and orange fabric and using hot glue, wrapped it around wire. I’m having so much fun with these letters, I plan on making some for every holiday.

This cheery pumpkin is a fun card for Fall time. Whether you’re having a party and need invitations or wanting to decorate your home with something homemade, stitch up this cute Pumpkin Greeting Card. Supplies: Everything is available at your local craft or fabric store. Punching Awl Pattern for Pumpkin to punch: Download this pattern, […]

Here’s some of the fun Halloween things we crafted last year. BOO Board with Mod Podge Spider Stitched Greeting Card Pumpkin Pie Glass Etching

Today’s giveaway is an actual “Make and Take”! We get to learn how to make these fabulously simple pendants and a winner gets to take one of them home as well. Home Studio, the hugely successful Etsy company, is sharing with us how they make their Scrabble Tile Pendants and giving one away to a […]

Little Girl Purse Rack

by Marie on August 7, 2008

Charli, from Texas Mama is our guest make and taker today, sharing how she organizes her daughters accessories. Every girl knows you can’t have just one purse, am I right ladies? So Charli is showing us her way to keep them all in place, ready for playtime. My daughter, Hali has more purses than I […]

With the new school year coming soon, here’s a fun apple hand-stitched card pattern helping you get ready to learn. Stitch one of these cards to give to your child’s teacher, as they would love to receive a personal card from their student telling them how excited they are for the coming year. Or these […]

Now that “baby” is on the brain again, I’ve been enjoying all the great tutorials out there for handmade baby items. Every kind of baby gadget is available to make yourself and as my little princess is still sleeping quite a bit, I’ve been able to steal a few minutes here and there for some […]

Blue Jean Pot Holders

by Marie on July 29, 2008

Yeah for Guest Make and Takers! I love having others share their great ideas on Make and Takes. Like Kelsey from Vanilla Joy. She’s got a great blog with tips, tricks, and fun crafts. Today, she’s sharing a fun project recycling our old blue jeans into pot holders. Get out your sewing machines, even you […]

Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

by Marie on July 22, 2008

As my baby is quite the little spitter-upper, there’s a burp cloth in every room, on the car seat, the bouncer, and 2 in the diaper bag, Ugh, spit up. I love to use cloth diapers as they soak everything up, but instead of leaving them white and plain, I thought I’d let you in […]

Sunflowers seem to be popping up all over. They’re beautiful and bright, bringing sunshine to the soul. Well, this pattern can help you stitch a sunflower card that’s perfect for summer. Then brighten someone else’s day by giving it along with a gift, framed as a gift, or make a bunch to give away as […]

Cleaning Your Toothbrush

by Marie on June 17, 2008

For something that goes in my mouth everyday, you’d think I’d be more eager to have it super clean and sanitary. I tend to put my toothbrush back in it’s little white basket when I am done, not really thinking about germs. But thanks to my Bro-in-Law Brian, I’ve learned how easy it can be […]

Fool Proof Curtains

by Marie on June 5, 2008

For this fun project, Kendra, our Guest Make and Taker, has let us in on a fabulous trick for giving our flat curtains some flare! Follow her easy instructions and pictures to help take your curtains from drab to fab! These are the easiest curtains ever. The only thing easier is draping some fabric over […]

Here is yet another tie Dad may get for Father’s Day. Except this one is safe to give as he won’t actually have to wear it. This pattern is fun to stitch and super easy to make. Thanks goes to my sister Steph, who came up with this great tie design. Supplies: Everything is available […]

Email Get Well Card

by Marie on May 27, 2008

Recently my Mother in Law broke her leg and has been trying to rest and heal. As she is in California, we wanted to send her a Get Well Card. But instead of sending it through the snail mail, we chose to send her a card through email. We love sending Email Cards. Here’s a […]

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