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Classy Cake Stand Tutorial

by Marie on October 10, 2007

This might be one of my favorite tutorials out there. Caroline, over at Armelle Jewelry, has done a fabulous job with this great Cake Stand Tutorial. It looks too easy, and you could use practically anything to make it. I recently made a 2 layer cake and realized, I don’t have a cake stand. I […]

Today is World Card Making Day. It means everyone needs to make a card today. In order to help you accomplish that, I have made another Hand-Stitched Card Pattern to share. This one is a Birthday Candle Card. You can use any color of thread, perfect for anyone having a birthday. I love this card, […]

Halloween Mod Podge Magic

by Marie on October 3, 2007

Oh, the world of Mod Podge. It is truly crafting magic. You can glue, seal, and finish all in one. You can turn something plain into something pretty. I made a Boo Board to hang for Halloween using the magic of Mod Podge. First, I chose a square wood piece (you could use any shape […]

Wedding Ring Card Pattern

by Marie on August 30, 2007

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Love is in the air and everyone’s all a flutter. As the guest, there is always the question of what to get the new happy couple. Bridal Registries are always helpful, but it is fun to be unique. Try making your own hand-stitched greeting card, making what you give a […]

Little Girl’s Nursery

by Marie on August 10, 2007

When I was first pregnant with my first daughter, almost 2 years ago, I thought she was going to be the color yellow. But as it goes, all I had were pink clothes and she is a girl. So I changed my thinking and picked a Pink and Green room for her nursery. I got busy […]

Hood to Coast Hulk

by Marie on August 6, 2007

My head has only been about running and training for the Hood to Coast Relay Race lately. I am trying to go 4-5 times a week and from 5-7 miles a time. It is less than 3 weeks away and my bones are still trying to keep going. “Left foot in front of Right foot.” […]

I Spy Quilt Kits

by Marie on July 15, 2007

I have been trying to clean out my fabric drawers, tidying up a bit. My closet is overflowing with fabric and other crafty items. I came across tons of cut squares left over from making I Spy Quilts. So I decided that I am going to sell the extra fabric as kits at The Stitching Barn Shop. For each kit, […]

Fun Felt Letter Pillows

by Marie on July 12, 2007

This is probably one of my favorite projects. (Again inspired from Martha.) The kids love to spell their name with these fun felt letters. You can even make extra letters to make new words, even the whole alphabet. I have done this project in my church with the 10-11 year old girls and they learned how to […]

Here’s my salute to the American Flag. This is a great card for celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day this fourth of July. Or it could also be given to an American Soldier’s family, paying tribute to those fighting for our freedoms. Supplies: Everything is available at your local craft or fabric store. Punching Awl Pattern […]

Hooded Beach Towels

by Marie on June 18, 2007

It is that time of year when beach towels are everywhere in my house. We are either at the local pool or in the sprinklers. While regular towels are just fine and serve their purpose, I love Hooded Towels. Before, I have made these great hooded towels for my kids and their bath time. They […]

Supplies: Everything is available at your local craft or fabric store. Punching Awl Cork board: For punching holes in card – found at kitchen or office store (try a cork hot plate) Thread: I usually use DMC floss, with all six strands Needle: Cross-stitch needle #26 for 18-22 count fabric Cardstock: white piece, accent color […]

My Green Thumb

by Marie on May 7, 2007

This is the beginning of my Green Thumb this year. I have never really gardened and every year I add a little more to my experience. We are planning on finishing a large garden in the corner of our yard in the next couple weeks, but I can’t stand it, I needed to plant something […]

Tub Time Gone Bad

by Marie on April 28, 2007

This is one of those horrifying moments in parenthood. I’ve tried and succeeded before to stop my little darling baby from pooping in the tub, but yesterday I failed. EWWWWW!! My daughter (20 months) is playing in the tub. I’m in front of the sink putting on mascara (a feat in itself). When I hear an “uggg” sound […]

Etched Glass Pans

by Marie on April 15, 2007

I have recently been introduced to the world of Etching by my neighbor Lorinda. You etch your name or a shape onto glass. It shows up faded and fancy with a beautiful image. Then when you give your neighbor a casserole, your glass pan will already have your name on it, instead of having to […]

Oh, the Sewing Madness!

by Marie on April 12, 2007

I am sewing with a fury today and for the next 2 weeks, as I am trying to get ready for a boutique I am doing at the end of April. I’ve got bibs, burp cloths, aprons, and diaper pads all over my sewing room floor. To get started, I plug in the sewing machine, […]

LuLu’s Little Apron

by Marie on April 4, 2007

My daughter is so ready for dress-ups. I made her the Ballerina Tutu, that she now wears, and she loves to put on my son’s Ninja Turtle costume, too. At my sister’s house, she also loves to wear a white apron they have. So I decided it was time to make her own Apron. I […]

Here’s a list of my project must haves. I keep all these items at my fingertips for all my crafting needs. 10. Scissors: a good spendy pair of scissors, for cutting fabric and a plethora of other things! As a kid, my Mom never let us use her “expensive” scissors for just anything. 9. Rotary […]

The days of technology are here and sending things through the regular mail are almost non-existent for me. With lots of family that live out of town, we now send personal emails for birthdays, Father’s day, or graduations. I have tried in the past sending paper greeting cards to everyone, but for some reason, it […]

I Spy With My Little Eye Quilt

by Marie on February 20, 2007

My 4 year old son Matt and I love to play the game “I Spy With My Little Eye“. Remember playing as a little kid, who doesn’t? Anytime we stand in line waiting for anything, we play I Spy. It can keep him occupied for a good 15-20 minutes. I suggest you try it the […]

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