I was vacuuming my stairs at the time that these questions popped up. I thought to myself that I don’t vacuum my stairs often enough. They need a roomba for stairs, or is there one? Oh, this list just went on and on and I want to know if I am not alone. Some of these things I do too often! How about you?

How often…

do you vacuum the stairs?

do you floss your teeth?

do you go to Walmart?

do you go to Target?

do you go to Home Depot?

do you call your Grandparents?

do you dust the fan?

do you write a letter?

do you bake cookies?

do you shave your legs?

do you clean your toilets?

do you go out to eat?

do you change your sheets?

do you get gas?

do you eat ice cream?

do you read a book?

do you check your email?

do you clean your fridge?

I am noticing that many of those are about cleaning my house, or lack there of. What else is something you have been meaning to do more often or cut down as you do it too often?