Since becoming a blogger, 3 months ago, I have been shown a fun new world. There is someone’s blog who listed a blog of someone else. Oh, the lists are endless. I have even found a girl that I went to high school with through someone’s blog. Blogging makes life a small world. I am so impressed with people who are blog life-ers: they have been blogging since before the start of time. I love it. I just need the time to read that far back. One blogger (Kelly) calls it “reading her morning paper”, love that.

It is great to get to know people through their blogs, as well as get some great ideas. I have put together a list of a few blogs that I feel are worthy to pass along. These people also have great lists of other bloggers, check all those out too! (If yours is not included, I am sorry, and your blog is no less worthy.)

Other great Make and Takers:

Kelly McCaleb: She writes just like I think and has beautiful pictures. She lists great step by step instructions for a patchwork Quilt with photos that anyone could make. Check out Kelly’s Etsy store, things sell out fast.

Nienie: This blog came from Kelly, and it is very entertaining. Her name is Stephanie Nielson. She has a Friday Segment called: Friday Faces, where she introduces us to someone new each friday. I love that. We can all get to know each other in this small world.

Heather White: She always makes me LOL (laugh out loud, for those who are email illiterate like me!). I consider her the Scrapbooking Queen in my book. She always has such great ideas to share, I have taken many of those and done them myself.

The City Walkers: Laurel Walker writes about her fun life in the Big City of Manhattan. There is always good food reviews and celebrity citings! I can’t wait to visit.

Soule Mama: Fun and Fresh. She sews fun and new things, runs an Etsy store, and loves to create for her family. Check out her great Adventure bags!

Design Mom: Great ideas for new things to try creatively. Also, some great reviews on very cool products.

Mom-101: This mom shares her life stories as a mother, that I am sure many of us can relate too. Wonderful writing about great experiences.

I know there are many more great blogs to share. I will keep you updated as I continue my quest for great blogs.

My Blogging Side Note: Is it just me, or do you always find a “blog title” for your thoughts as your are trying to go to sleep? I find myself blogging in my head, “oh, that would be great to write about, or that would be a great title to that thought”. Sometimes I want to turn off my blogger! My trying to go to sleep thoughts are either about blogging, running through the Guitar Hero song I just played last night, or Edward from Twilight.