I’m in the mood for a giveaway. But you ask, what is she thinking doing it on a Monday? All the other great places hold them over the weekend. But I am here to cheer you up after not winning anything from last weekend. I am giving you another chance to be a winner, during the week. One of the little girl aprons hanging in my closet needs a home with YOU. So today I am doing another giveaway from The Stitching Barn.

Childrens Apron - apricot, blue, white

I can’t decide which apron you get, so you will get to pick from this lovely collection. Each hold a special place in my heart. I am interested in which one you like best.

blog-apron-pink-orange-2.jpg blog-apron-blue-red-2.jpg blog-apron-green-yellow-2.jpg blog-apron-orange-blue-2.jpg blog-apron-yellow-gold-2.jpg blog-apron-yellow-pink-2.jpg

You know the drill. Leave a comment and you might get picked as the lucky winner of a fun and fancy Little Girl Apron. No strings attached, except on the apron!! You have until Wednesday @ midnight to add your comment and get your chance to win and I will announce it on Thursday. If you don’t get picked, those other great blogs will be ready for your giveaway fix again on Friday!!

Have fun commenting, and good luck!