Now with a title to the post like this one, you might think I’m making donuts or bread. But alas, today it’s actually a children’s craft dough. Yummy Dough is a huge hit over in Europe, created by 2 parents in Germany, and now they are making their way to the United States with a little help from Kickstarter. And thanks to Yummy Dough, an M&T Sponsor, we received some to check out!

I’ve got my two little crafters ready to mix up some dough.

You know me and craft kits, I love them. And this craft dough kit comes with everything you need to create, just add water. It’s playable like modeling clay and you can bake it as well. It comes with 4 really bright and vivid colors.

But the best part about Yummy Dough is it’s safe for kids to put in their mouths. It’s actually encouraged. So we all had to try it out and it doesn’t taste that bad. Once it’s baked, it tastes a lot like a sugar cookie, minus so much of the sugar. So hooray for something safe that is highly likely to go into kids mouths!

After mixing and playing with our dough, we also made some baked beads for a yarn bracelet.

Here are the steps to make our Beaded Yarn Bracelet:

1. Roll small pieces of dough into balls.

2. Pierce a toothpick though the center to make a hole. You’ll want a large hole, as once it’s baking, it can form back together. TIP: you could bake the beads with the toothpick inside.

3. Place the dough beads on a baking tray and follow the directions on the package for baking.

4. Cut a piece of yarn long enough to fit around your child’s arm. Add a small piece of tape to one end to help with the threading of the beads.

5. Once the beads have baked and cooled, thread them on to your taped yarn.

Tie it off around a cute little one’s wrist and you’re done! The fun part about this bracelet, it turned into an edible bracelet, like the candy bracelets you can buy!

If you’d like to help Yummy Dough make it’s way to the United States, they are looking for donations to their Kickstarter fund. Their hope is to make this craft dough available to everyone. Check out their page on Kickstarter to back them up by August 1st.