Every year on Christmas Eve, my family puts together a little spiritual program to help us remember the birth of baby Jesus. Over the years we’ve participated in stories, games, recitals, singing, and the Nativity Play. When we were kids we would perform the Nativity, wearing bath towels on our heads for the Wise-men and Mary would be holding a cabbage patch doll as baby Jesus.

Christmas Nativity

Now, years past, my children are old enough to perform the nativity play. We scavenge my mom’s house for costumes, more bath towels and robes. An adult usually narrates the play, and everyone get’s ready for the small time show. Even the parents get to be involved by being the Donkey or Camel and  carrying kids!

Here is my version of the Nativity Play. Download and print this: nativity-play.pdf. The play is simply written for my small kids, so adjust for the age of your actors. Have fun with this Nativity play and celebrating the birth of Jesus.