No-Sew Park Ponchos

by Marie on October 16, 2007

We have been going to the park almost everyday. It is not too hot, not too cold. But the breeze has been kicking up a little. I am on the bench shivering from the wind. I went to the car to get my sons fleece blanket to keep from getting cold. But the blanket wasn’t covering enough of me. I had an idea. I could cut a hole in the center of the fleece blanket and make a nice warm poncho that covers more of me. But instead of cutting a hole in my sons favorite blanket, I decided to make a new one.


This Park Poncho is an easy no-sew project. With fleece, the edges won’t fray when they are cut. I made one for me and one for each of my kids. The best is that it serves two purposes: a poncho in the cold or a blanket to lay on in the sun.

I bought 1 3/4 yards of navy blue fleece, you could buy any color that suits you. I kept it folded and cut out a small even square. One square for Matt and one for Lucy.


I then folded it into a triangle and found the center. Then I cut a small hole to know where my center was. I cut 3 inches down one side and 3 inches down the other side. Now open it up and see if the hole in the middle is large enough for your child’s head. I had to cut a little more for Matt.


Next, you can leave it as is, like I did for Matthew (it was a little more boyish). Or you can cut little 1 1/2 inch strips up all of the sides for a more girly look, like I did for Lucy’s poncho.


For mine, I used the last yard that was left of fleece. It was more the shape of a rectangle, so instead of making mine a diamond shape, I folded it in half squarely. I cut out my hole for the center, and then cut little strips on only the front and back end. I left the sides straight. Now it covers me great, with the front slightly smaller for my hands to get out and read a book if we are just relaxing.


Have fun playing at the park, but keep warm with a Park Poncho.

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