Oh, the Sewing Madness!

I am sewing with a fury today and for the next 2 weeks, as I am trying to get ready for a boutique I am doing at the end of April. I’ve got bibs, burp cloths, aprons, and diaper pads all over my sewing room floor.


To get started, I plug in the sewing machine, thread the needle (up, down, up, down, and through), then begin. I stitch a line of fabric, then the next, then CHOKE. My little bitty bobbin is out of thread. Of course, midway through my project and Wham! I have to then re-thread the bobbin and un-pick my 2 lines of stitched fabric. There must be clean lines if it is to sell. Ugh! I have had it with un-picking thread out of the fabric I just sewed.

pet-peeves-bobbin.jpg pet-peeves-picker.jpg

So, because I am frustrated from un-picking thread for the zillionth time, I am dedicating this post to Pet Peeves. Here are the Top Ten Pet Peeves in my crafting world:

1– Un-picking thread: yet the tool is a life saver.
2– Re-threading bobbins: I need never-ending thread.
3– Getting burnt from hot glue: I didn’t have ice water nearby.
4– Cutting into fabric and not seeing that it was folded in half and shouldn’t have been.
5– Getting stuck with pins, I don’t know how many times: especially when you try something on that is pinned together, ouch!
6– Patch quilts coming out uneven: yeah, it’s meant to look like that.
7– Having to stretch the fabric to death just to get it to match up with the next line.
8– Licking the thread over and over again just to get it through the teeny tiny needle hole.
9– Measure ribbon, cut ribbon, and somehow ribbon still doesn’t make it to the end of the fabric.
10– Sewing with two different colors of blue thread, one on top and one on bottom, and not know it until after: can’t have that, too noticable, unpicking again!

I hope you have not found yourself victim to one of my Pet Peeves. Good luck with all your sewing and crafting adventures, and watch out for the pointy pins!

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