Tinkering With littleBits for Little Inventors

by Marie November 27, 2013
Tinkering with littleBits @makeandtakes.com

We’ve recently been introduced to the fun inventive electronic kits by littleBits, a Make and Takes sponsor. Their kits come with small electronic pieces that fit together magnetically, making it super simple to build mini machines. Or even big machines. If you use their parts, add in some things from around the house like recycled […]

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Really Big and Awesome DIY Instagram Art!

by Rachel November 27, 2013

Are you guys obsessed with Instagram as much as I am? I think I have over 1,000 photo posts on my account….yikes that’s a lot! I am always trying to think of things to do with all of those cute pictures I have taken. I was looking through the M&T Spotlight page and saw this DIY Instagram […]

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Caramel Spice Thumbprint Cookies

by Rachel November 26, 2013

Does your mouth start to water when you look at these cookies from the M&T Spotlight page? Because mine definitely does! Caramel, white chocolate, and chopped pecans all in one cookie? Yes, please. I feel like these thumbprint cookies from Trish of Mom On Timeout would be a great dessert for Thanksgiving dinner or any holiday party […]

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Gift Guide for Your Little Bookworm

by Marie November 26, 2013
Pete the Cat Books

I’ve recently signed up with Ebay to start gathering super cool items for a gift guide collection. Today I’m featuring some of the books I’ve collected in one handy place for your little bookworm. Be sure to check it out and follow my collection. So many are my favorites. Classics, must-haves, and books for kid-friendly fun! […]

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Craft a Magazine Collage Menorah for Hanukkah

by Marie November 25, 2013
Paper Menorah Hanukkah Craft with Kids @makeandtakes.com

Hanukkah is ready to begin this week, the evening of Wednesday November 27th. Help your children celebrate this Festival of Lights by creating a magazine collage menorah. We were counting 8 nights of Hanukkah by adding a yellow magazine paper to each candle. You can also create a 9th candle holder to your menorah for […]

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Frozen Oreo Ice Cream Cake

by Rachel November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I am in charge of bringing the desserts to my family Thanksgiving dinner so I need a lot of yummy ideas! I found this Oreo Ice Cream Cake recipe from the M&T Spotlight page and instantly thought it would be a huge crowd pleaser! You can find the recipe by Aimee […]

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10 Advent Calendars for Kids to Celebrate

by Marie November 22, 2013
Advent 1

We’re big fans of counting down to holidays. My kids get excited for upcoming events, yet, sometimes these special events are too far away for their minds to grasp. Advent calendars are a great way to help my kids see the distance for an event, while still feeling like they are getting closer to the […]

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If You Do Just One Thing for a Green Thanksgiving…

by Sabrena November 21, 2013
Thanksgiving-table-favor-turkey-makeandtakes.com_-300x291 2

Turn Down Your Thermostat. Yes, you read that right. See every year I scour the web for new ideas on greening up Thanksgiving. There’s the old reliables: Plan for leftovers: I even wrote and article about it. Buy local! We’ve talked about it, but so has everyone else! Go organic: too many to name but […]

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Hiking Scavenger Hunt Printable for Kids

by Marie November 20, 2013
Printable for a Hiking Scavenger Hunt @makeandtakes.com

We are an outdoor family. We love to discover new places. Even in the rainy city of Seattle, you’ll see us out and about on some sort of exploration. I’ve recently found a new area for another family hike about 30 minutes away and I’m excited to take the kids. Getting us where we need […]

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Turkey-Shaped Thanksgiving Place Cards

by Marie November 19, 2013
Thanksgiving Kids Craft Turkey Place Cards makeandtakes.com

While the turkey dinner is in the oven, keep the kids engaged by crafting these fun and festive Thanksgiving Place Cards from over at Craftspiration. Add a little leaf for the turkey feathers on a folded card and set them out for each guest at dinner. Here are Lucy and I crafting for fall with […]

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Thankful Wind Spinners

by Amy November 18, 2013
Thankful wind spinner craft

While we try to practice gratitude year-round, it’s always nice to give it some extra focus around Thanksgiving time. I love for my girls to record a list in some way of all the things they are thankful for. It’s so fun to look back at their lists from year to year. We’ve done thankful […]

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Wishing You Happy Holidays with Great Giveaways

by Marie November 15, 2013

The holiday season is here and I’m thrilled to offer you some amazing gifts from amazing M&T Sponsors, wahoo!! There are 6 companies ready to gift you with fabulous prizes – from instagram sticker fun to beautiful canvas prints to an Amazon Kindle Fire. So make sure to read through each one and enter at […]

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Apple Dippin’ Turkey-Shaped Appetizer

by Marie November 14, 2013
Apple Dipping Thanksgiving Turkey Platter makeandtakes.com

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I’ve come up with a turkey-shaped appetizer for all your guests to snack on before dinner is served. I’ve partnered with Marzetti® for the holidays to share some yummy apple dippin’ fun and I’m using some Old Fashioned Caramel Dip for the center of our display. I chose the light brand, keeping […]

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Make Easy Thankful Turkeys for Thanksgiving

by Marie November 13, 2013
Thankful Turkey Ulive

Looking for an easy and creative activity for the kid’s table during your Thanksgiving dinner? Make these simple and fun Thankful Turkeys over at Craftspiration! Gobble, gobble! Here are Lucy and I crafting for fall with Thankful Turkeys: We will be showcasing our Craftspiration videos all year long to celebrate holidays and events throughout the year. Yippee! **Looking […]

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Announcing the Winner for the FREE BIRDS Giveaway

by Marie November 12, 2013

I’m happy to announce a winner for the FREE BIRDS giveaway for a Free Birds iPad Mini (Silver, WiFi, 16GB) * Free Birds Backpack * Crayons * Turkey Hat & Light Up Chick! Congrats to Sara D. for winning this fun prize pack! We’ll reach out to you to receive your winnings. Thanks to all who […]

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Easy Zipper Pouch For Beginners

by Rachel November 11, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a beginner at sewing. A lot of sewing tutorials out there can be intimidating! When I saw this zipper pouch project from the M&T Spotlight page it immediately caught my eye! Melissa gives us the step by step process over on Craft Snob. It looks pretty simple and […]

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Crochet Mustache Pattern on a String

by Marie November 8, 2013
I Mustache You To Crochet makeandtakes.com

How could I not I come up with a crochet pattern for a mustache?! I’m obsessed with crochet and I’m crazy about Movember. It was a match made in heaven! This pattern is super simple. Perfect for a beginner. You only need to know the basic stitches and you’re all set. And it’s all about […]

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How to Make Crafty Mustaches for #MustacheBombing

by Marie November 7, 2013
How to Make Mustache Crafts makeandtakes.com

Mustaches are all the craze, especially during November for the cause Movember. Our family loves to celebrate this month as this cause is near and dear to my husband, Jordan’s, heart. His father passed away from testicular cancer and Movember is all about creating awareness for mens health. To help us celebrate, I’ve created a […]

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Fruity and Fragrant Thanksgiving Table Favors

by Marie November 6, 2013
Orange Turkey Thanksgiving Table Favors

Guest Post by Kate of Nearly Crafty At our house, Thanksgiving is all about the family and the food. We spend 2 days cooking, and about 1,000 hours chatting and chasing kids. That busy schedule does not leave a lot of time for us to create a magazine-cover-worthy table setting. All thoughts of fine china […]

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Printing Leaf Shapes with Potato Stamps

by Marie November 5, 2013
How to Make Potato Leaf Prints makeandtakes.com

We’re right in the middle of the fall season and the leaves on the trees couldn’t be more beautiful. It’s a perfect time to take a drive through a canyon, near the mountains, or even on maple tree lined streets! To help us replicate some of those colorful leaves, we’re crafting something fun over at […]

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