Raising Safe Swimmers for Family Fun

by Sabrena July 16, 2013
Little Backstroke Swimmer

I started swimming competitively when I was ten years old.  Twenty five years later–after Country Club Meets, swim team in high school and a few triathalons in my history–I can also add more than 10 years teaching swim lessons as part of my resume. During that time, I’ve seen first hand how water independence can […]

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Fun and Silly Writing with Sticker Rebus Stories

by Amy July 15, 2013
Write a sticker rebus story with kids

We always seem to have an abundance of stickers around the house. One of our favorite projects to do with stickers is creating sticker rebus stories. Sticker stories are a great way to get the creative juices flowing for young writers. If your kids are writers, they can write sticker stories all on their own. […]

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Road Trip Grab Bags for Traveling with Kids

by Marie July 12, 2013
Road Trip Grab Bags

We’re planning a big lonnnnnng road trip with the kids to go visit some of our cousins. As we’re excited to see family, I tend to dread the car drive to get there. But this year, partnered with the Post-it Brand, I’ve come up with a fun way to make the drive a little more […]

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Let’s Scream for… Sunscreen?!?!

by Sabrena July 11, 2013
Holden Daniel Craig Mangum

With a simple Google Search for “Best Sunscreens” I find fashion mag “Allure” saying: “SPF is just one factor in choosing (and wearing) a sunscreen. How a sunblock smells, feels, and works with your makeup determines whether you’ll actually rub it in” and lists their “ten dream creams to try this summer.” Personally I look […]

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Toasted Marshmallow Rice Crispy Treats

by Kristin July 10, 2013

Whether sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers or eaten plain, toasted marshmallows have become a part of the culture of summer. Gathered around a campfire, a few sticks and a bag of marshmallows can complete a enjoyable evening between friends and family. After years of moderating debates between friends who like their marshmallows flaming and […]

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Make a Name Memory Game

by Danyelle July 9, 2013

This week has been hot, hot, hot in my neck of the woods. We’re talking temperatures above 100 degrees and friends, that is just too hot for me and my children. We like to swim but when it gets too hot to even walk on the pavement we head back to the yellow house.  To […]

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Decorating Frisbees for a Summer Party Craft

by Amy July 8, 2013
Kids' Party Craft: Decorating Frisbees

My girls always want to have a craft project at their birthday parties. Since we usually have boy and girl guests of various ages at our parties, the craft needs to be simple and doable for multiple ages and interests. It’s always a bonus if the finished product is something the kids can take home […]

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Kids in the Kitchen: Healthy Cookie Dough Balls

by Amy July 3, 2013
Kids in the Kitchen: Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Whether you call them energy bites, cookie dough balls, or no-bake cookies, these little tasty morsels take just a few basic ingredients and turn them into a quick and easy sweet treat. We make many variations of dough balls, but this recipe is the simplest and favorite around here. Unlike regular cookie dough, the base […]

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DIY Robot Hats – Bee Boo Bop

by Caroline Urdaneta July 2, 2013
diy for kids  robot hat

Today’s project will have you doing a robot dance over how easy it is! Just like all the hats I make, I start with a band of cereal box cardboard sometimes painted (or in this case covered) and then I punch holes in the side so you can tie the band together around your head, […]

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Family Parties at Cowabunga Bay + Giveaway

by Marie July 1, 2013
Summer fun Cowabunga Bay

We recently traveled to Utah and had to make a stop at the ever fabulous Cowabunga Bay. It’s my kids’ favorite. It’s right off the freeway, so if you’ve ever traveled just south of Salt Lake City, I’m sure your kids have begged to go their too. Since we were in town, we got everyone […]

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4 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Kids

by Marie June 28, 2013
Me and My Tween

I recently went to an advanced screening of the movie The Way, Way Back and I loved it! It’s a coming of age story I completely related to as I was definitely an awkward teen once! And how can you not love the amazing cast, Toni Collette, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, introducing Liam James, and the ever […]

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Avocado and Eggplant Sammy – Looks Yum!

by Marie June 27, 2013
eggplant sandwich

What is it about warm weather that makes me feel like a sandwich? Especially a light and healthy looking one like this eggplant and avocado combo from Food Fanatic I came across at the Make and Takes Spotlight. Looks yum, right? I think I’ll have to give it a try! More Sandwich Ideas Below: Open […]

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Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaways, Hooray!

by Marie June 27, 2013
Staples Laptop

Our summer is already off to a sizzlin’ start! And we’ve got a few fun items to giveaway, helping keep your summer hot to trot! See below for details and giveaway entries. Good luck and Happy Summer! Toshiba Laptop from Staples – Yes, we’re starting the giveaway our right with the perfect laptop for summer, […]

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Creating a Family Home Office + Giveaway

by Marie June 26, 2013
Small home office space

We’ve recently moved into a darling cozy little house. But with this darling cozy little house, we’ve had to get creative with our storage, finding space for everything. We had this nook next to the kitchen and decided to turn it into an office space, a place for me to work and the kids to play, […]

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Summer Drink: Strawberry Lemonade

by Kristin June 25, 2013

With summer in full swing and barbecue weather upon us, my grill has been getting quite the workout. Even so, the ultimate barbecuing holiday is only a week away, and I can already smell the scent of burgers and corn on the cob wafting through the neighborhood. Though I have yet to start planning the […]

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Print Your Own Criss-Cross Pillow Cover

by Caroline Urdaneta June 24, 2013
print your own pillow cover

Last month I shared with you a really easy way to make a diamond patterned tablecloth. Today, I’m sharing with you another fabric printing idea that has the potential to transform the look of any room. The best way to inexpensively change the feeling of any space is by changing your throw pillows. Or, as […]

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Refreshing Clean & Green Drinking

by Sabrena June 20, 2013

Tomorrow’s Summer Solstice! That means the longest day of the year is finally here. How fitting that this month’s challenge can be a month, week, or even a day in length (might I suggest  starting tomorrow – what with all the extra time we’ll have to fill up, and all – wink, wink. ) It’s […]

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12 Simple Activities for Traveling with Kids

by Marie June 19, 2013
Road Trip items 1

We are well into the summer season and with it comes travel. My kids are out of school and it’s time to take a few trips. Whether it’s a road trip, by car or by plane, you might need a thing or two to keep the kids busy as you go. I’ve come up with […]

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4 Childrens’ Book Illustrator Websites Worth Checking Out

by Amy June 17, 2013
Seussville website

We love picture books! Even though my girls can read big, fat chapter books now, there is still something magical about a silly or sweet story paired with the perfect illustrations. My girls often use picture books as inspiration for their own drawings, so lately we’ve been surfing the web to check out some of […]

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9 Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

by Marie June 14, 2013
Fathers Day Crafts for Kids

What better gift for dad than something homemade from the heart. Kids will love to craft up a silly snake tie, a monster bookmark, or even some family fridge magnets! Here are 9 fabulous Father’s Day crafts to make this weekend, just in time for Sunday! Make a Snake Tie Sock Puppet Golf Covers Father’s […]

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